[EUNL]Final Proposal for eBelgium

Day 883, 10:12 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Deviltje

As you all may know eBelgium and the eNetherlands were once a union called eUNL. In this union the eNetherlands and eBelgium both worked on making our union a good union to live in. Due too foreign interference the Union ended.

In march we started negotiations to split some belongings. The eBelgians came with a proposal, the eUNL came with a proposal and i started to look at the assets before the union and the assets gained during the union. Also i was working on a profit/loss sheet during the union. All the sheets are based on facts.

Last saturday i heard that the eBelgium negotiator, Reaussou quitted his job. Ragoth told me i could talk to the boss of Reaussou, (never knew he had a boss though) Zarsky or just send the proposal. I told Ragoth that Zarsky should contact me. Ragoth told me that he will inform Zarsky.

Well Zarsky didn't contact me, therefore i will make the proposal.

The proposal

First i will explain why i came to the proposal:

I have looked at many facts, i have looked at the assets before the union and what ebelgium contributed to the union. As i didn't get much information from the eBelgians i think i made a very good assumption what assets were there before the union and what was gained during the union (with facts). But i also have to say that reaussou did a great job with making his sheet and i also want to thank ThomasRed, Olv007 and Apogytma for their help. Whenever i had questions they answered them.

I believe i did my best to make a good proposal with the eBelgium negotiator, but when he left the eBelgium government didn't see the importance to appoint a new official negotiator. Neither did Reaussou's boss contact me.
As i said i did my best to get facts, i did my best to get the best proposal for eBelgium as they were part of the union. But when the eBelgium Government doesn't find it important enough to officially appoint a new negotiator, it would be strange that i continue with this.

The final proposal:

50 gold

(remember you already got 2 companies)
This proposal is not negotiable and when the eBelgium Government agrees to the proposal the 50 gold will be donated to the eBelgian State account, however when they disagree they have the 2 companies and nothing more.

I will start a debate in eUNL congress for the proposal and after 24 hours a vote for the proposal.

Minister of eBelgian Affairs

Congress Debate