[Presidential Address] Past, Present and The Future

Day 880, 13:06 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Rider of Darkness
** Live from Presidential Palace Islamabad**

My Fellow Citizens my Friends and People of Pakistan,

Today I would like to talk about progress of Pakistan's Government over the last 17 days. But before that I would like to congratulate Policy and Altnabla on winning the Party Presidential Elections as well as Hammas Amer for fighting against the PTOers.

Before moving on the meat of my address to nation I want to discuss two minor issues. First being the increase amount of PTOers trying to PTO Pakistan and then getting banned again and again and again. It is my request to them to stop it you are not going to succeed. My second concern is grilling new players just because they belong to RL Pakistan and are used to in real life of using name "Islamic republic of Pakistan" rather then guiding them to the right rules and regulations people who are not RL pakistanis grill them for being some aliens. I would like this to come to an end. Please act your age and avoid such confrontations.

Now coming towards the progress of Pakistan during my tenure economically. First and most importantly, Jobs are available in pakistan now at all times without any Skill 0 Job Shortage. Pakistan is also collecting good amount of Gold Reserves and will continue to do so which will strengthen our defense and will be helpful in refueling our Economy. I had meeting yesterday and Revised tax plan will be passed as soon as the new congress is elected. We have also increase the quality of wages offered in Pakistan and our aim is to continue improving over the rest of the month. Exchange rate of Pakistan has been stable which is good thing as we can bet our money on it rather then living under uncertainity.

I am dissappointed, Yes Indeed I am. The individuals I appointed incharge of Military from Vento Aureo Party have not shown interest in the matter at all, and here I was hoping to change Military of Pakistan. Therefore I had to do alot of things on my own with some help from Balkan and Policy. I have also engaged a very good programmer who is also a RL and ePakistani to program an a Army Management System and API exclusively for Army. The project is an idealistic one and if it is successful it will be an interesting addition to ePakistan and our Army will have a cutting edge advantage over other armies in the eWorld. It will not just be an API but another system in itself.

Government has been building up reserves and I am impressed by the speed at which we are making progress I think if we continue at this speed we would be able to fund our protection requirements for quiet some time now. I am greatful to iabozdar who has been helping me fuel the economy & treasury of pakistan through providing constant and good waged jobs and funding for government. Now comes the good news for citizens of Pakistan income taxes in all industries are going to be reduced to 2% maximum once the congress is elected. Special thanks to Daniel Dimow for suggesting a good well developed Tax Policy.

Elections are coming and we need candidates to run for Pakistan and keep it secured and protected against the PTOs. As for a Bannana who is trying to fool people of Pakistan these days that by getting elected into congress he will give us war he is a fool to think like that and is most probably a PTOer please ignore him. I have been asked what "PTO" stand for. PTO stands for Political take over search PTO on eRepublik wiki and you will find the answer. In-Short a group of people trying to take over other governments mainly through cheating and breaking eRepublik rules. These groups are generally backed by enemy nations and their governments.

Changes and Future
I am impressed the kind of spirit that has been demonstarated by VA and PP and are no longer engaging in petty arguments, however I am disappointed by VA's military leadership for not actively taking part in suggesting and getting involved in development of Pakistan Military. Therefore I am going to make Pakland Chief of Pakistani Armed forces for future. As he is intrested in this job and has the right passion and ambition for it. Also I am trying engage high resource raw material countries into supplying low priced raw materials in to Pakistani Markert, however this is long shot and questions like how much demand there will be for such an action are yet to be explored. I am impressed by the work of youth in my cabinet, Hammas Amer and Materialistic. These two Young Pakistanis have impressed me in their ministerial positions and I am impressed how they have been working for ePakistan within their own departments.

I have been doing job to the best of my abilities, but it is also your duty to take some responsibility and actively get involved in the national affairs. I am tired of dead congress members from other parties who are not communicating with President or my cabinet at all and voting mindlessly. I hope we can correct this in future. Live Long ePakistan,

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