Good Night, Sweet Prince

Day 880, 01:10 Published in USA USA by Woxan

Manly Tears: ;_;

Love Him or hate Him, Emerick is the most interesting American to ever have lived (except for maybe Davoid Jordon, please pass it along globally). In August, things seemed grim. Two thirds of our country and most of Canada was under PEACE occupation. From hell and back, he kept Americans informed and a reason to stay; his articles of trolling, game mechanics, hope, and lulz resulted in some epic masterpieces. He may have been a bit destructive and chaotic at times, but hey, he made this game interesting.

Emerick will live in the hearts of us all: Americans and Canadians of the world, his spirit lives on in us. His fun spirit is something we should strive for, and remember above all else this is a game, so let's have some scrabbin' fun.

May his body be at peace with Dio.

With Emerick's passing, I hereby declare America a Dioist nation. We join China, Pakistan, and many others in this epic /v/irginization.

I hereby declare Publius the head of the American Church of Dioism, and order him to expand the eReligion category in our forum to have a section specifically for Dioism.


For those unaware of Dioism, explore the wiki to your heart's content or PM Publius. For those who still don't get it, Dioism is now the official eReligion of the eUnited States.

Does it mean anything in terms of alliances? No, if anything, it makes things worse with the United Kingdom, which shelters a large number of heretics in London. GlaDOS is a heathen. It is a religion that crosses alliances and political boundaries. It, is Dio.