Treasure Maps

Day 872, 23:38 Published in by Plato

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Dear citizens,

Today we are going to present you a new concept, called “treasure maps”. Treasure maps will become one of the most loved things in the eRepublik world, as they are the ones offering you the chance to find free GOLD. We said “find”? A better term would be “discover” because you will, literally, discover hidden treasures!

Treasure maps are replacing the simple Achievements Rewards system that we have now. So, instead of a basic alert announcing that you've just received a GOLD reward when you reach an achievement (like Hardworker, Supersoldier, Congress medal, etc) or one of the citizens you invited reaches level 6, you will be offered a cool treasure map with many possibilities. You are not forced to explore the map immediately, but you have a limit of 30 days in which you can use the map. This because after 30 days the map becomes unreadable thus unusable! Each map has three paths, each ending with a marked “X”, and each revealing a treasure of a specific value in GOLD.

It must be said that the average treasures value will vary, but here comes your luck and inspiration: the path you choose will lead you to a treasure that might contain an average, slightly smaller or slightly larger amount of Gold. Of course, the difference between them will not be that big. But you are a lucky citizen, aren't you? 🙂 Remember you can only choose one path.

Speaking of luck, you will surely hear some citizens shout what would seem to be legends about some poor citizens turning into pretty rich men overnight. Who knows, maybe it will be YOU they'll talk about, one of the Treasure of Kings discoverers! If you'll get your hands on such a legendary treasure, you may easily quit your job and live your e-life with style, at least for a while 😃 We know, you're thinking: “Seriously admin? One in a million winner, right?” but this is not the case. The Treasure of Kings discoveries will be pretty frequent, the old kings from before the New World had untold riches, so expect many such legendary treasures! So, all you have to do is to choose your path, dig and believe in your luck.

But, once again, let's have the pictures talk:

Larger size

Larger size

Larger size

Larger size

May your chosen path lead you to untold riches and change your destiny or why not that of your nation!

In order to implement the Treasure Maps, tomorrow (day 874 of the New World) we will take the eRepublik servers offline for about an hour, starting with 02 AM, eRepublik time.

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The eRepublik team