[PM] update:VALHALLA, Campaign Promises and Accepting Dio

Day 868, 12:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GLaDOS

Hello, once again citizens of the United Kingdom.
I apologize for filling your sub box so much in the lat 24 hours, but It's been a quite eventful 24 hours, as such, I'd like to inform you of the steps my administration has taken to improve the UK within 24 hours of me ascending to the highest office in the land.

The UK press office has been established, and it houses the new No. Ten Downing Newspaper, which will issue a General state of the UK article at least once a week, if not more. I urge you to subscribe to this new org, as it will issue quite a bit of information in the coming days.

The Country of Norway has Recently come Under PTO by our ally Turkey, and as such they have activated a war between us and them, and attacked us, opening all of our MPPS. They have also attacked their ally, sweden, destroying all their MPPS save one, the MPP of spain. As soon as the game mechanics allow me, I will be attacking the country of Norway, and we shall secure High oil for the united Kingdom, and Aide our ally Russia in destroying the nation of Norway. We have not forgotten how compliant norway was in the occupation of the United Kingdom, and I for one, look forward to returning them the favour.

Irelan😨 Many people are still crying for the blood of the irishmen. to these people I say, all good things come to those who wait. We have an opportunity to secure high oil for our kingdom, right at the cusp of the new V2 module, we cannot afford not to take this opportunity. The irishmen are small fry, and we shall deal with them once we have taken full advantage of the opportunity given to us by the Norwegians.

Accepting Dio Brando:
Citizens of the United Kingdom, I would Like to announce that the United Kingdom from this day forward will be known as a Dioist nation. Dioism will be considered the national religion of this country, and the King of England shall Hereby be known as the official ambassador to Dio Brando. The Book of dio shall hereby be used to swear in every cabinet and government official, and we shall abide by the good book, the book of dio.

"But GLaDOS, What the hell is dioism?"
Dioism is best described on the erepublik wiki, found here

I look forward to an even more exciting month, as we move forward to high oil in Valhalla, with Dio Brando on our side, we cannot falter!

Prime Minister