APRIL FOOLS: Interview with an Admin

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EDIT: This was the podcast I released for April Fools Day 2010. I hyped it up for two weeks prior to its release. Made a lot of people angry, but was hysterical to listen to. Enjoy!


It's the interview you have all been waiting for!

For the past two months, we have been reading about the new modules and features of Version 2 of Erepublik in the Erepublik Insider (EI). We have all seen the screenshots of the action, some fictional roleplay stories, and an explanation of how the new system will work. It seems like life is very hectic at the eRepublik HQ.

But, V2 isn't the only thing on their plate. Recently, they implemented changes to the current V1 of eRepublik, which include new hospital rules and the addition of Lana the pinup girl. However, the implementation of those rules has sent citizens scrambling, as they have had a direct impact on the everyday lives of citizens. The economy is shrinking, economic focuses shifting, and militaries needing to develop new strategies to stay ahead of opponents with the new rules.

With everything going on, I can only imagine the complete bedlam at eRepublik HQ. In fact, are they even aware of any questions or comments we have about these new implementations and future release? To find out, I sent a request for an interview with an Admin to eRepublik. At first, I was expecting an e-mail back from the Headless Chicken with something along the lines of "Sorry, maybe next time," but to my surprise, I got a response.

So, I set up the EPIC 5 AM INTERVIEW with whomever drew the shortest straw over there at the eRepublik compound. Unfortunately, it was Cristi Badea whose fate was to sit through a 2 hour interview with one of the toughest podcasters in the country.

I solicited for questions from anyone and everyone who was willing to share their curiousity: from the continued presence of Lana to the methodology behind the conversion of stats from v1 to v2, and about the newest Titanium resource. Cristi answers it all! And so, without further ado, I present to you the long awaited Interview with an Admin. Please do not forget to vote this up and share it with your fellow Citizens. We must spread the spirit of this podcast!

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