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The US News and Classifieds today brings you US-cetric news and current events and the opportunity for employers and potential employees to connect. This issue brings news of an international news source, a mobile defense team, a new presidential preview from he eRepublik team, a look at the cost of war, new economic league data, and a push to start new growth in the US -- read on for details.


First International News Source?

[Submitted by Emerick]

This week Banach wrote an article in Canada"s The Ottawa Guardian called "[a url=]First International News Source[/a]", hoping to be the first newspaper to publish international news for English-speakers. In the article, Banach highlighted news of Russia"s drive for more citizens, Sweden"s accusation of Norwegian spies, tensions between Iran and Pakistan, Canada"s market boom, and the rumor of Communism in Canada. Some users found typos and a Canadian bias to be a bit annoying, the general concensus seems to be appreciation for the effort.

Mobile Defense Team

Dish and our friends over at the DoD are putting together a [a url=]mobile defense team[/a] to help increase the flexibility and strength of our national defenses. The program includes free moving tickets and medical support in response to a soldier deploying to the most needed defense points. If you haven't already checked out the offsite forums I would recommend it, Dish and his team are working hard to ensure we aren't caught with our pants down.

New Presidential Administration Pages

The eRepublik team this week unveiled a sneak preview for all citizens of some of the [a url=]new Presidential pages[/a] they have been designing. Included in the updates are new budget and tax tools, trade agreements, and mutual protection agreements. Looks like being President is going to carry with it a lot more power, hopefully they are building in checks and balances as well.

The Cost of War

One side effect of the new Presidential preview, noticed by enterprising user Banach, shows us the possible [a url=]cost of war[/a] in one of the screenshots. In his examination of the cost Banach also thinks that this cost is a bit on the cheap side to start a war. What do you think? It's still a beta, so we should want to start a few wars to help them test it out, but should declaring war on someone be that cheap?

Economic League Table

Kaleb has released his latest [a url=]economic league table[/a], head on over to his site to check it out. This is a great resource for watching the overall eRepublik gamespace.

Starting Growth in the US

First-term President Nave has announced a push for new growth in the US. First by trying to create a program to leverage invites and [a url=]grow the population[/a] and second by outlining his latest plan of how to get [a url=]America back on track[/a]. Seems like we have a long line of proposals and suggestions without the requisite action needed to carry them out. Perhaps with new programs we should take this into account and try for smaller incentives that only require wholesale participation from a select number of individuals.


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