GLaDOS for Prime Minister!!!!!

Day 857, 10:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GLaDOS

lets get this party started

That's right!! In case you have trouble seeing the obvious, I am running for prime minister! I believe that my vast amount of experience, combined with my forward thinking ideas make me the best candidate for the job.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my vice presidential candidate!

Mr Woldy

Woldy, my longtime friend and compatriot, has agreed to help me run the country this coming month, and I believe that the two of us, working together, will the country a better place, one day at a time.

At this moment, I would like to announce that the cabinet is now open to applications, please send me an ingame or forums PM with a list of your personal expierience and why you think you would be good at your desired cabinet position

Cabinet positions currently Available:
Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Minister of Defence:
Minister of Finance:
Minister of Legislative affairs:
Minister of Work:
Minister of economics:
Minister of home affairs:
Cabinet secretary:

Manifestos to come, stay tuned to this paper!!!