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Day 855, 07:15 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ines Schumacher
A slightly more lucid thank you!
First of all, thanks again to all the support we received for last night's Northern Cape campaign. Everyone really came through for us.

All of my tanks, yet again, thank you. I know we paid you the WPs, but all of you organised your own Q5s and saved us a lot of money in the process. You are all heroes. Thanks to those who ended up joining the secret channel (muahaha!) and offered to help, but we couldn't afford to hire any more towards the end.

Max McFarland 2 - you have single-handedly spent more than everyone combined on this effort! Thank you ever so much for the gold you've invested. And of course also thanks for investing yourself in South Africa, I'm glad you've chosen this country as your next nationality. 🙂

I'm making lying a freaking habit now. Shame, Brazil even spotted I received 320 gold from Max McFarland 2 and two Brazilians asked me about it. What did you think I was gonna tell you guys? Yes, this is for the 20 tanks we're organising to annihilate yours in Northern Cape? Don't make me lol. 😉

Croatia - specifically I mean Zelja here - you guys mobilised at the last moment to help us. Thank you! It made a big difference.

USA - including PigInZen, Josh Frost, Channing, NXNW - you guys are South Africa's heroes. The USA has undoubtedly been our closest ally in this whole campaign and you never gave up on helping us. Thank you!

EDEN - This was all made possible with your support.

Poland, Spain, Romania, Australia, Myrmidones, Canada - you all rock!

eSAAF - how freaking dedicated are you guys? Tronyx, candykiller, Azreal, Miyagiyoda, Merle Corey, Cyber Witch, whoever else I'm missing - you are the backbone of this whole operation. Thanks for making it possible! Thanks also to wincenty1 of course who organised the RWs! \o/

Of course the most specialist thank yous are for Greyhunter and zamrg who worked tirelessly to bring this campaign to completion. I wish there was a way to express how hectic you guys are to everyone who's reading this, but alas. I can't express it. eSA owes its greatest debt to you.

Ok *wipes tears away*. Srs bsns!

eSouth Africa needs your help!
Hold onto your mittens. eSouth Africa spent the equivalent of my monthly salary on this whole campaign since RonelI pulled a traitor and let the channers gain control of her account. We are - quite simply - broke. After the failed RWs in Argentina, we had to beg, borrow and steal for this last push for NC, so we owe some monies.

Added on top of this, eSouth Africa now has a quite significant debt to Poland. EDEN seems to have misunderstood our intentions for this campaign and are now holding eSA responsible for losing the Gauteng RW. Which is true. It was me and Grey who ordered our tanks to fight green in Gauteng in the last 30 seconds to help PHX build up the wall again. Without our help, PHX would have lost that battle. It hurt our soul to have to give up this region, but we could only handle 1 region for congress elections as the eSAAF High Command thought it made plain to EDEN. Northern Cape is a much more strategic foothold, helping block Australia from Brazil's original regions. Anyway, we don't want to quibble, shit happens.

So what do we need?

If you have anything to spare - anything at all - we need it! Whether it be currencies or gold. Please help eSouth Africa by donating to the Reserve Bank.

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