eSouth Africa Will Into Freedom!

Day 850, 02:43 Published in South Africa South Africa by South African Armed Forces
Limpopo Resistance War

We may have lost our resistance war in Limpopo but we'll damn well win this war, one way or another. We're in too far to call it quits now which is why we move on, we stay strong and we fight another day. I know we're all frustrated, especially due to the countless bugs we experienced in this battle, but let's not make excuses and stoop to our enemy's level; we lost this one, fair or not.

If you want to join our liberation effort and the might that is the eSouth African Armed Forces, check out the recruitment section below.


Maj. Gen. Tronyx has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff and has taken over from atliia who is now with the US Airborne.

We bid a farewell to matt1066 who has stepped down as commanding officer of the Training Division. Col. Cyber Witch, former XO of the Training Division has been promoted to CO and will now be looking after our trainees.

A big thanks to Dreamer_KF for donating another weapons company to our Training Division and also to the Tigra Tribe for their generous gold, weapons and food donations.


The eSouth African Armed Forces serve to protect eSouth African and her allies from enemy threats targetting both our home land and allied territories. The military consists of 4 different branches, 2 of which are home guard units stationed here at home - Training Division and Pretorian Guard, and 2 of which are mobile units - Parabats and Assegai.

Chief of Staff: Gen. zamrg
Deputy Chief of Staff: Maj. Gen. Tronyx

Training Division

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The Training Division is a small branch where we provide essential military and strategic training to younger citizens and soldiers. We require all applicants with no military experience to first complete this military crash course which includes learning the basics of fighting, commanding a squad and participating in an exciting foreign operation. You'll be assigned to a company and squad just like any other military branch and you'll get to meet some pretty kewl soldiers along the way. You'll become a highly trained, experienced soldier in no time and could very soon be leading your own squad, helping to teach others.

Commanding Officer: Col. Cyber Witch
Requirements: none

Pretorian Guard

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The Pretorian Guard is eSouth Africa's primary defense force which ensures the safety of our nation at times of war. They watch over our borders and home land for any enemy activity and are ready to strike that battlefield when our nation is under threat. Our soldiers receive regular supplies and daily training kits to rank up and gain experience in organised training battles.
The Pretorian Guard is home to many of eSouth Africa's congressmen &amp; cabinet who are unable to join our mobile branches due to their commitment to politics. If you want a career in politics or just don't have the strength to join our mobile branches, the Pretorian Guard is the place for you.

Commanding Officer: Col. Azreal
XO: Maj. Calew
- Strength: 5
- Military Rank: Corporal


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The Parabats are our fearsome mobile branch which deploys all around the world assisting our friends, allies and home nation. These soldiers are a highly skilled special forces group and are on high alert to strike the battlefield at a moment's call.

Commanding Officer: Col. Tronyx
- Strength: 7
- Military Rank: Colonel


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The Assegai, like the Parabats, are a mobile branch consisting of eSouth Africa's heavy hitting soldiers and tanks. They're an elite, rapid response branch who can be called to arms at any time during the day. A soldier in the Assegai needs to be high strength, incredibly active and ready to move and strike at short notice.

Commanding Officer: Col. candykiller
- Strength: 15
- Military Rank: General

Please fill in the following form to join the eSouth African Armed Forces.

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We will then process your application and get back to you within 2 - 3 working days.

Chief of Staff of the eSouth African Armed Forces