Languages, contracts and Wiki

Day 849, 10:09 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We are starting this short Insider by welcoming the latest wave of languages implemented in eRepublik. The citizens able to enjoy the New World in their native language are Croatians, Serbians, Turkish, Bulgarian and Greeks. We are aware of a couple of issues and we are working on them. If you have any suggestions or if you wish to report a problem regarding languages, please let us know by submitting a ticket to the Feedback department. We are already looking forward to the next wave of languages, but can't offer more details right now. We'll keep you updated on this subject in future Insiders.

Let's move to another topic: the forum contracts. We have decided to back off of our official support for them. Overall, these contracts bring more problems to the citizens than they solve. In many cases citizens (especially younger ones) relied on a contract for buying, for example, a house, but to their big surprise, the contract was actually invalid, so they were left with no house and no GOLD. Until we'll be able to offer an automated and much more reliable Contracts module, we recommend the usage of the safe in-game Marketplace for buying houses and other products. Only there you can be sure that you get what you pay for. Any suggestions or ideas regarding contracts would be highly appreciated, so please let us know about them. As for lending money, you could ask for the helping hands of your trustworthy friends. Just like in real life, you should ask for recommendations before accepting “gentleman's agreements” with strangers. Either way, the “Donate” button officially does what it says: it donates something. We'll still judge the eventual trials based upon the current contracts and those that will be signed before 25th March.

Several weeks ago we postponed a couple of updates regarding the new hospital rule (where you recover only the wellness lost in battles) and the new experience tunnel for newly born citizens (they start with 100 wellness, fight at level 3). These updates are live on site, as announced on forum.

We would like to end this Insider with giving a huge “Thank you” to all our Wiki contributors, as eRepublik Wiki has reached 10.000+ pages. That's very impressive! Our Wiki is a truly vast encyclopedia where you can find many interesting articles related to the eRepublik world, from economic formulas to epic battles coverages, from breath-taking tutorials to personal pages of our citizens. Once again,thanks guys (and girls 😛 )!

The eRepublik team