eSouth Africa Keeping a United Front

Day 846, 03:00 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSouth African Presidency

Good morning South Africa

I am proud to see that people are not leaving this game, and are working hard to make the best out of this situation. We need to stick together and be united during these times, and aggravating the channers is not helping. Lets move on from them now, and focus our energies into more positive projects.

Some advice that you might want to follow:
1) Make sure you dont click any dodgey links, here and especially on IRC.
2) Make sure you have a decent anti-virus and do regular scans
3) Keep your operating system up to date with the latest patches.

Please can you also subscibe to this org for TRUE and RELIABLE updates on the situation, as well as the Ministry of Defence- SA newspaper, and the SAAF newspaper linked below:

eSA Ministry of Defence

SAAF Newspaper

The South African Armed Forces are growing and are still looking to recruit. Please join the ranks of your countrymen and help us to make bring eSouth Africa back to its people.
<a class="btnfightagain" href="">Click Here to Enlist</a>

Just a quick reminder of the true government in exile:

CoS of SAAF and acting VP : Zamrg
Minister of Defence : Greyhunter (Open for grabs!)
Minister of Finance : Lazer Fazer
Minister of Security : Mulderpf
Minister of Foreign Affairs : Remon777
Minister of Social Affairs : Wingfield
MInister of Trade : Tronyx
Reserve Bank Governor : Enoch Root

Yours faithfully

Acting eSA President