Judean Princess For SPC PP

Day 844, 10:04 Published in Philippines USA by Judean Princess

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Dear friends,

As you know, I have decided to run for PP of Samurai Pizza Commies, and this article will outline my main policies for the party over the coming month. I think that one of the best measures of a countries activity is that it has strong parties with experienced leaders and a healthy level of political debate. It’s important that we involve as many new players as possible so that our next generation of ministers and congressmen have the training and knowledge to fulfil their role.

In my eLife I have worked hard in a number of countries, both big and small, to make the eWorld a more fun place to live. In eTurkey and eIsrael I bridged divides between parties and peoples by showing what we have in common and making the country a happier place to live. Some people look on that sort of thing with suspicion, but we have to remember that above all this is a game and it should be a fun experience for everyone involved.

At this point I would like to reinforce the point I made in my last article: as a small country in Asia we are well aware of the dangers of a PTO. Although everything is so far unconfirmed, I would like to remind all voters to wait as late as possible casting their votes on the 15th, and make sure that they follow government instructions to avoid a PTO. I’m sure we can all agree that a party with a poor leader is worse than a PTO’d country.

Moving on to my policies, I’d like to discuss the two most important factors in both the Philippines and the eWorld as a whole: firstly division amongst our citizens; secondly economic problems in our marketplace.

The main strength of any country in eRepublik is being able to recognise the talents and abilities of those you disagree with, and to use them for the greater good of the country. Person A might write obnoxious comments in all of your articles, but they have a lot of gold which could be used to open high quality businesses to raise taxes for the government. Person B might attack your every idea, but they know how to organise an effective military and are proven in that field. To a lesser extent this is also true within political parties.

We have to make sure that we are united around a common set of goals, which are close enough to be achievable whilst difficult enough to demand we work together to achieve them. I think that the kind of goals we should be aiming for as a party are:

1. 50% increase in membership (definitely possible)
2. Establish an official newspaper and organisation for the party, so that we have a newspaper members can subscribe to, rather than changing with every PP.
3. Weekly message to all members giving a brief update on the events of the week and trying to get as many as possible active in our debates.
4. Publish an official congress list as soon as possible after the 15th, so the President knows which of our members we know and have approved and which are running without approval.
5. Have a small party-level debate about major decisions made by the government, to help explain to members why the government made the decisions they did, and allow them to gain an understanding of politics in a friendly safe environment without flaming.

These goals are intended to bring us together as a group, put aside the party level bickering and make a better Philippines for us all. It’s also another way for us to have fun, competing against other parties for members and so on raises activity and gives us a challenge in the game.

Moving onto the economy, I would like to congratulate those who have recognised the nature of the problem we face. However to properly tackle it we must go one step further, and propose solutions to the current problem.

One thing we must do is recognise that this problem is not just a national one, and work together with the best economic minds in Sol to form a think tank to work on solutions to the problem. Other major countries have responded to the problem by devaluing their currency (the USA and Hungary have both devalued considerably). This has the effect of reducing the value of the minimum wage, which spreads out low skill wages more and makes employing low skill people profitable again.

Each country has its own solution to the crisis, and we must pool all of our ideas on an international level to find out what is best for the Philippines. As PP I would fully support any measures taken to relieve pressure on our economy, and would encourage debate on the topic internally. If all of us pool our ideas on how best to fix things, then together we can make it happen.

It’s also important (as an additional comment) that we begin preparation for V2 now. A dual purpose to these economic talks (at all levels) would be to create discussion about how to prepare for V2, especially as several Sol nations contain resources which will be very valuable come V2 (when stone and titanium appear).

So those are my policies for a strong party and a strong Philippines. I hope that on the 15th you will consider voting for me. I have worked very hard in the past for parties, countries and my friends, and I promise you I will show the same level of dedication now. Thank you for reading this article, I know it’s quite long!

Best wishes,

Judean Princess