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Day 838, 06:31 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSouth African Presidency
Good Afternoon South Africa

As you can imagine, the worst possible scenario has played out. I dont know why these channers have a hard-on for South Africa, but we will continue to fight them with everything that we have. We are still committed to EDEN and SOL, despite all the propaganda coming from Ronell.

Below please find the provisional government and people you can trust:

Minister of Defence : Greyhunter (Acting CP, for now, applications opening soon!!! 😃
Minister of Finance : Lazer Fazer
Minister of Security : Mulderpf
Minister of Foreign Affairs : Remon777/Ines
Minister of Social Affairs : Frank Furglar
MInister of Trade : Tronyx
Reserve Bank Governor : Enoch Root
Chief of Staff : Zamrg
(All these posts are until we get our country back!!!)

You will hear rubbish information and propaganda from exil and his channer buddies.. however have faith citizens. We have all resources under control and control almost all facets of the government. Plans are already in action to help us, and i have been personally contacted by our allies to show they are standing with us..

Please can you subscibe to this org for TRUE and RELIABLE updates on the situation, as well as the Ministry of Defence- SA newspaper, and the SAAF newspaper linked below:

eSA Ministry of Defence

SAAF Newspaper

Let me assure you again aSouth Africa, that united we will stand. We have a very dedicated team in the provisional government, and planning is continous and well organized. If you planning on moving, please go to WESTERN AUSTRALIA. I would encourage all to enlist in the SAAF, to receive weapons and fight to regain our country. Sign up below!

Sign up for eSAAF!

Yours faithfully

Acting eSA President