Chief of Staff to the eSouth African Armed Forces (Open Letter)

Day 838, 06:14 Published in South Africa South Africa by South African Armed Forces
To eSouth African Armed Forces

We have once again been conquered by our enemies who have used underhanded tactics to take control of our country. We no longer answer to the president nor to his channer infested cabinet and as such, we will now only take orders from our resistance leader and rightful president, GreyHunter.

We will soon be without a country, without a home, but I urge you all to remain active and stay with the eSouth African Armed Forces to fight for our freedom. We are evacuating all our home guard soldiers to Western Australia, Australia where we will assist our Aussie brothers in their upcoming offensive. We will fight together on the battlefield against a common enemy, Brazil, Argentina and the channers, and we will come out victorious!

This is a personal request from me asking you to remain with us. We need to stick together and we need to stay strong if we are to achieve our freedom and live on to see another day. I have personally been through this before, and whilst I know how tough it is to live in exile, the reward of being brought back on the map is ultimately greater.

We will continue to operate as successfully as we have up until now and we will remain the official eSouth African military.

If you want to join the eSouth African Armed Forces in exile, fill out our enlistment form at

We are also asking all citizens and soldiers to spare some change to ensure the continued operations of the military. If you would like to donate, please send to


Chief of Staff of the eSouth African Armed Forces