Update from South African Supreme High Command

Day 838, 02:46 Published in South Africa Australia by RonelI
"Do you recognize my voice?"

Early this morning, an attempt was made on my eLife. I want everyone to know that I am not dead. Despite the best efforts from the illegal organizations pretending to be official South African and cheaters attempting to manipulate the admins' ticket system, I am alive and well.

You will notice that Argentina has taken over half of the country. Please understand that this is a necessary part of PHOENIX strategy to attack Australia and nothing more. Just like former president Ines Schumacher allowed before. Citizens, I ask that you remain calm during this operation and in a few days we will have our regions back and be stronger than ever.

All patriotic citizens should be on the lookout for illegal organizations including: eSouth African Presidency, Ministry of Defence- SA, & Moi News. These organizations are NOT official South African orgs and are illegal. Until further notice, the respective citizen newspapers of the cabinet listed below are the only official source of South African government news.

Another thing citizens should be on the lookout for is False Accusations. My account was been released from admin prison and with a barcode stamped on my hand as proof of my identity. Anyone making references to hacking or cheating is violating Erepublik rules. As citizens of this eWorld, it is our duty to uphold these grand rules for without them we are but savages.

After much consideration, the following is the Official South African Cabinet for March 2010:
<strong class="informer">Supreme Commander- RonelI
Vice President- Stephen van Joergborg
Minister of Economic Affairs- Tovarisch Stalin
Minister of Internal Affairs- K1m Possible
Minister of Foreign Affairs- Ben Zavelsky
Minister of Security- Billy Herrington
Governor- RBSA- Walter Beldingford
Governor- eSAHC- Jisses
Governor- UNISA Companies- Robert Gabriel Mugabe </strong>

All of last months cabinet should turn over your Government controlled org. Failure to do so will result in just reportings for being outlaw, illegal organizations imitating offical government positions.

===================================== ========================
Please be aware of the following:
South Africa is no longer a member of the Sol Alliance. Due to differences in political ideology. South Africa is now an unnofficial member of the PHOENIX Alliance. Within the next week we will become chartered members.

The group known as the &quot;Dignity Brigade&quot; is officially a Fail Troll group.

In addition, the following citizens are known Fail Trolls whom seek to Fail Hard: Ines Schumacher, Mark Morcom, Frank Furglar, MulderPF, Lutan Fyah, Zamrg, Azreal, Ali Mentary, Remon777, jaccil, Wingfield, Greyhunter.
===================================== =========================

Dignity First, South Africa. The Black Shield has risen.

Supreme Commander, African Forces
PResident, South Africa