Special Chance to Rename Military Companies!

Day 825, 13:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot
Selling Military Company names

We are giving you the unique chance to rename a company with the name of your choice, whether it’s your name, a funny comment anything!*

There are some rules:
• The company must have at the start with or contain, Para, RM or Navy (depending on which company you buy)
• There must be no racist, vulgar or hateful names in it, with accordance to eRep rules.
• Be as imaginative as possible 😉
• Paid in gold or equivalent
3G minimum

There are 45 companies in total
• 29 navy
• 4 RM
• 12 SF

Highest bids will be chosen only. Highest 29 for Navy, 4 for Marines and 12 for SF.
All funds go to the military/MoD and no money is taken by anybody working with this project.

Click here to place a bid.

Have fun and spend well!!!

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On a more serious note

Want to defend your country?
Want free weapons?
Want hot navy babes?
Of course you do!

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Look forward to seeing you o7

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