Where did the time Go? (Also Astintus for Senate!)

Day 824, 19:05 Published in Australia Australia by Astintus

Hello eGirls and eGuys

Where does all the time go?

It seems like only yesterday I was elected in NSW as a senator and now it is almost election time again.

This time I'm running for a different Party (Australian Military Party) and in a bid to become the most popular person I'm running NSW again 🙂

In that time i have read more online posts then all the fortune cookies in the world and some of them sound about the same. I have read some great ideas and not so great ones. In the last 2 months i have noticed some fairly major people lose their tempers and some fairly serious stuff happen.

We have witnessed the end of Ajay and his indiffence to eAustralia with his antics around the ADP and the new resurgence of the ADSP with Brenflakes leading the charge. We have witnessed a truly astounding return of some hard hitters in the senate making sure the government is running and running right. Also the amazing success that the Australian Military Party has had raising from near death to be one of the Top 3 parties and a solid voice in the way this eCountry and eGovernment run.

I have changed from a Independent to the AMP to ensure some of my core beliefs are welcomed and hear😛

1) The Military - This is a major part of this game regardless of everything else. We built a Military Control Structure around the framework we were given by eRepublik and we will have more work to come when V2 gets here (Whenever that happens). We have had a major reshuffle and the effects are still being felt as little moves are happening. We have to make sure we support these guys and get involved to ensure when the time comes they are prepared to do what it takes to protect this eCountry and eCitizens.

2) Money - A big issue at the moment is surrounding our budget and the spendings for our monthly bills to ensure our departments are running smoothly. There is a need for a considerable reworking of the Taxes and how we operate within the international community. To this end i believe a get together of not only the MoF and his team is required but also some of the untapped potential of some of our most active business savvy eCitizens such as Wally Wilson, Infin, Venja, John Sykes and so on. These eCitizens have had great ideas on how to change our economy and i think we need to have summit for the eCountry common good not our own parties.

3) Immigration - We have seen an influx of people applying for citizenship's especially from our major allies in EDEN including our MoICS. I understand it is a highly involved and time consuming task but it doesn't appear to have progressed much from the last couple of months. I believe the current minister and deputy are doing a great job and therfore believe we need to expand that department to help facilitate the inflow of valued workers and make sure the undesirables are refused entry.

4) Citizen Education - This particular area is my ePiC's (ePartner-in-Crime) Blue Rayne personal area of interest and one that i support whole heartily. The ongoing recruitment and education of our citizens must go hand in hand with our drive and encouragement to experience the game and the great community of people that go with it.

5) Accountability - I have noticed in the last few weeks the increase of Senators and other eCitizens asking how, when, and why on the various departments spend their allocated budgets. To this extent i am planning on drafting a proposal of a Department which would monitor our various Offices, Departments and Organizations for the purpose of providing a clear and concise view on how the eGovernment is working and spending the money. This would encompass the relevant organizations and departments to ensure their continued operation as opposed to when i first started playing the game and my inability to contact anyone in regards to joining the Senate School and Boot Camp. When i finally got a response back from the old Boot Camp organizers i was already lvl 17 and had been part of the AAR for over a month. So more to come on this later 🙂

Ok so that was a wall of text and your all asleep now 😛

I thank you all for the chance to work in the Senate and hope you decide that myself and my passion for this game are worthy to continue working in our eGovernment

Thank You and Goodnight