Acting Presidency

Day 819, 08:31 Published in Austria Austria by Oraizan

I tried my best to merge both of the cabinets, so that any work in progress will be continued and during the time of war we will have more hands to work on it. If there is any problems let me know. Everybody on this list, please contact me ASAP so I can set you to work. Anybody who does not contact me, either by PM or IRC query within 24 hours may end up replaced.

Chief of Staff - Metallon
Advisor - Karantanec
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Rangeley
Minister of Defense - Yonai Keiko
Secretary of Defense - PrinceOfAustria
Minister of Finance - Stoneman
Minister of Education - Eisenhorn
Minister of Justice - Borojevic von Bonjar
Minister of Health - Grantler
Minister of Immigration - Wade Seagrave

Let us work together, actively, to improve our country.

The war with Croatia continues. Many will say we should have surrendered, others believe that we should go out fighting for our homeland. No matter what side, let us work together to keep eAustria on the map. Together we can make it. Starting today I will do both fight Croatia and try and stop the war. I will not sell out for a hospital, I will not let our efforts thus far go to waste. I will work for an end to the war, whether it be through battles or diplomacy, to an end that is satisfactory and will ensure our independence protected from aggressors around us.

Right now is an important time for us all, thus, you should all be aware that I am open to speak with. Suggestions, Comments, concerns, send me a private message. I will be available as long as I am awake, on the IRC channels as well. Within the next few days a much better update will be released about what has been done, and what we are working on. Watch for it in the media!

To eAustria, and its survival in the up-coming battles,
- Acting President Oraizan.