Just a corridor?

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Dear citizens of Croatia,

Back in November, when I was Hungarian MoFA, Hungary wanted to help her ally, Germany.
We only needed a corridor and that was only possible through Austria.
We asked this "small favour" from the Austrian President, but he refused categoricly pointing on the neutrality and territorrial integrity of his country.

His refusal caused tensions in the Hungarian Government, which ended in a situation when the Hungarian President pushed the red button and attacked Burgenland. It proved to be a bad idea, since neither our allies, nor a larger part of the civilian population was strongly supporting this action. After a short meeting the Hungarian President "resigned" and the Hungarian army repaired the damage by tanking up the wall in Burgenland.

After all this adventure has been closed without a damage, excepting dhe diplomatic issues.

Dear Croatian citizens!
Dear President of Croatia!

You have "only" asked for a corridor in order to do your own business and attack some other countries.
The Austrian President has refused to open that corridor to you.
But the Austrian Neutrality meant NOTHING to you.
Can't you understand, that some countries like Austria would like to die of boredom and to stay neutral?
Don't you realise, that this way you are ruining the whole EDEN's "keep smiling" diplomacy efforts in Asia? What do you think will be a first thing to do for any neutral country from now onwards?

I am not asking You to give up Slovenia, or close a peace agreement with Hungary or Serbia. Come-on, we need the salt and pepper of the game!

But for God's sake...leave alone those weird pacifists, OK?
Retreat from open battles, start RW-s, and think about saving your country's honour and resign from Presidency!

Picture of the imaginery corridor demanded by Croatia.

Landscape of the NEUTRAL AUSTRIA after Croatian Army went through the corridor

Kind regards
Hungary's ambassador in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Beograd