Facing the Danger

Day 814, 07:47 Published in Austria Austria by Borojevic von Bonjar

Dear eAustrians,

In the beginning of my presidency, I wanted to lead eAustria through a peaceful term, concentrating on inner affairs. I thought that our neutrality was commonly accepted and respected. I was wrong. In the last days and months the sabre-rattling became louder and louder and finally clinked till the government building in Graz, Styria.

In several meetings I tried to find a peaceful solution with the eCroatian government, but demands kept coming to an extent that is incompatible with eAustrias national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Their greed lead them to declare war on our peaceful country.

But how could it come so far? In the beginning of my term I regarded eCroatia a friendly country and I thought this would be reciprocal. But some days ago I was addressed by an representative of the eCroatian government. In some conversations he told me that a war was inevitable, because eCroatia “needs” a land bridge to gain some high-resources regions, but the eCroatian government would make us an “offer”. I admit that I was tempted at first, the benefits for eAustria seemed to outweigh the downsides: an additional Q5-hospital, closing that war with eHungary and a good friend and ally at our doorsteps.

However, shortly after that conversation I had a long and heated debate with Oraizan. She helped me to cool down, take a step back and to see the whole picture: Since Rangeleys’ first term, the eAustrian government and the eAustrian people have worked hard to free ourselves from the stranglehold of the big alliances. Thanks to this long and certainly difficult work, we are now a truly free, independent and sovereign nation. But every action that helps one alliance in the war against the other, every land swap would lead us once again in the “caring arm” of one super-alliance, destroying everything we’ve worked for.

But who are those eCroats? They call themselves friends of eAustria, they say they want an “peaceful relationship”. But would a true friend demand to give up everything we’ve worked for months? To throw away our ideals, our ideas? No, a true friend would respect every decision we make even if he doesn’t like it. Anyway, I still hope that this is not the will of the eCroatian people, but of their mislead government.

Although I’m not a particular friend of his politics, I want to quote Wilhelm II, former Emperor of Germany. The context might be different, but still his words are fitting:

"Since the foundation of the empire it has (...) been the perfervidly effort of Me and My ancestors to maintain the peace for the world and to encourage our powerful growth in peacetime. But the enemies grudge the success of our work (...). Thus the sword has to decide. In the middle of peace the enemy invades us. Therefore onwards! to the weapons! Every unsteadiness, every hesitation would be treachery of the home country."

As long as we stand united, eAustria will prevail!

Signed, Borojevic von Bonjar
President of eAustria

PS: Ich leider derzeit keine Zeit eine Übersetzung zu machen, tut mir leid