Day 3: A Cabinet, Some Announcements, And... Civil War In Mindanao?

Day 811, 18:43 Published in Philippines Philippines by Keegan Knoll

Well, eFilipinos, welcome back. I have fought the evil minions of IRL away, to deliver to you my semi-daily presidential speech, and update on the nation. Today's speech will hold several announcements, including the official cabinet for the month, a new announcement, and a look into the brewing civil war in Mindanao.

Official February Cabinet

Official Cabinet List
Something not commonly seen in other countries, cabinet members here stay the same no matter what party is in control, so there won't be too many surprises this month 🙂


Department of Home Affairs
Director: Nikko_33

Department of Finance
Director: Negosyo sa tao

Department of Defense
Director: Ariel David Buena

Department of Foreign Affairs
Director: Al Dente

Department of Intelligence
Director: Slothen
Director: Anarchist

Department of Education
Director: Ariel David Buena
Deputy: Judean Princess
*Note: Judean Princess will take over as acting Director of Education as soon as her duties have been explained to her by Ariel David Buena, and the contract has been put into place for her to receive the DepEd Organization.

Ministry of Merriment
Director: Anarchist
Director: Topy XYZ

Department of Public Displays of Affection
Director: Ariel David Buena
Deputy: Everyone
Press Secretary Office Under Construction
As I mentioned in my candidacy article, I hoped to increase the activity in the media. One day that we are considering in doing that is opening up a Press Department of the government, which will be, essentially, an extension of the MoM, in that it will give prizes out for participation. However, unlike the MoM, the Press Department of the Philippines will give prizes to people who write the best articles of the week, in certain categories, which are yet to be determined. For those potentially interested in working for this branch, or interested in discussing how it would function, feel free to PM me, or ask questions in the comments below.

A Civil War In Mindanao?

As has been recently discovered, there is some dispute about the true heir to the throne of the Sultanate of Mindanao and Sulu. Ariel David Buena has claimed that he is the true heir, and war ensued. If this were an outside war, I would not intervene, however, I feel that a war within our country is unnacceptable, and in order to work to end it as soon as possible, I am prepared to order soldiers to attack both Ariel David Buena and Prince Terence II, and capture them to bring this to a peaceful resolution. If a conclusion has not passed by the end of the week, I will implement force.
Oh By The Way
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