The Time has Come; Will you make a difference?

Day 810, 21:27 Published in North Korea Ireland by OogieBoogie3

We really need to start working together if we ever want to actually regain political control and influence over North Korea. We need to unite under one flag and one party, with one goal. This goal is liberty and prosperity. We need to organize ourselves as one, one that will prevail over this tyranny and mandate of Russia. We need to stand up to them and get our country back in our own grasp. All I have seen is bickering among ourselves, and this must stop. We must work together, and if we do; we will be successful in the days to come.
Everybody that wants North Korea back in the hands of its original government needs to join the Free Korean Universalist party, which has been organized by members of the true NK government. This party is our new weapon, and the only real hope that remains for this country. Join the fight now...