Thank You South Africa

Day 808, 23:50 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSouth African Presidency

Once again eSouth Africa has decided to elect me to the Presidency. I accept this undertaking with a glad heart and prepare myself for the challenges that lay ahead. Thank you for putting your trust in me.

Governmental Changes
After the implementation of the new tiered system I will not being doing a whole bunch to the government structure. I am however removing the office of Vice President as it is now. The Vice Presidency has existed as a office on its own. It is under utilised and I find that there is very little for the VP to actually do. So this month I will choose my VP from a Ministry.

A few new faces and a few old ones:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ines Schumacher (Vice President)
Ministry of Social Development: jaccil
Minister of Trade: Tronyx
Minister of Security: Frank Furglar
Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Minister of Information: SamGibz
Minister of Defence: GreyHunter

Reserve Bank Governor Enoch Root

Chief of Staff will remain the same. This is not the decision of the President and the CoS is appointed from within the ranks of the Armed Forces

I look forward to working with every one of you in the coming term.


Mark Morcom