[快讯] 无头鸡内幕: 新经济模块概览 (简体中文)

Day 807, 04:12 Published in China North Korea by John Chen

Dear citizens,
亲爱的 e 世界公民们,

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, beta-giants and babies, here we go: A long road lies ahead of us, lined with a plethora of exciting new gameplay features in eRepublik! This Insider is the first in a series of at least 12 articles, which will present the upcoming new Economy and new Military features to you in detail! This first Insider gives you an overview of what the new Economy will have in store for you. The following Insiders will then shed light on single economy features in much more detail, so you can prepare yourself for the new gameplay experience. After presenting the Economy module we will continue with the Military one. So for now, brace yourselves for the new Economy!

女士们先生们,男孩们女孩们,Beta 时代的巨头与婴儿们,让我们开始吧:一条满载着激动人心的 eRepublik 新特性的漫长道路正摆在我们面前。作为这系列至少 12 篇文章中的第一篇,全系列将详细描绘即将到来的关于军事与经济方面的新特性,这份无头 鸡内幕并将带您概览即将到来的新经济系统。接下来的内幕将以此为线索展开对各项新特性 的更详细描述,令你能够对全新的游戏体验做出预先准备。在经济部分描述完成后,我们还 将公布军事系统。眼下,请为新经济系统而精神一振!

Some features of the New Economy will extend the existing gameplay, others will be completely new, and some will just stay as they are right now. Read on to learn more about the main changes and additions:
一些新经济特性将拓展当前的游戏系统,另有一部分完全崭新,而一些将一如既往。以下是 这一轮的主要更新与增益:

Time Management 时间管理

The new heart of your every day eRepublik experience will be a feature that we call "Time Management". Just like in real life, your citizen will live through virtual 24h hour days. This means you can decide how your citizen will spent his or her time. Maybe at one day you will need more money, so you decide to let your citizen work for twelve hours instead of eight. Not satisfied with your current career level? Want to get a better job? Send your citizen to the library to study for another eight hours to increase your job skill faster. After so much activity your citizens really should rest for the remaining four hours of the day; otherwise your citizen's Happiness level will decrease too much over time!
“时间管理”将成为你每日 eRepublik 体验的中心,就像在现实生活中一样,你的公民每天将度过二十四小时(而不是双击)。这 意味着你可以决定你的公民将如何度过他/她的时光。或许某一天你正好手头紧张,于是加 班工作十二小时便成为不二选择。并不满足于现有的成就?希望获得更好的工作?把你的公 民带去图 书馆以度过工作之外的八小时,将令你的技能增长更快。在这些活动之余,你的公民需要在 剩下四小时里获得休息,否则随着时间幸福程度将迅速下降。

Letting your citizen work for eight hours does not mean that you have to wait eight hours in real life before deciding what to do next! You can still organize the daily life of your citizen within a few minutes. But with the new Economic module you also can spend more time with your citizen if you want, besides reading newspaper articles.
令你的公民工作八小时并不意味着在现实生活中你需要等待同样长才能做下一件事儿。是的 ,只需要几分钟——你可以在短短几分钟内安排好公民的一天。然而在新经济模块下,除开 看中央日报你还可以做些别的事情打发时间。

Happiness 幸福感
Being a happy chap is all about balance in life. If your citizen spends too many hours at work or in the library they will have not enough hours left in the virtual day for resting and recovering Happiness. It will be important for you to find the right balance between activities and leisure time. The rule of thumb is easy: Keep Happiness at a high level so your citizen will be more productive, will learn faster, and will fight better.
除开维持生计,成为一只快乐的无头鸡才是生活的目的。假如你的公民花费太多时间加班熬 夜或者悬梁刺骨,他们将没有休息的时间或者让自己殴打无头鸡以取得快乐。因此,在事业 与休闲间取得完美的平衡才是重点。经验法则挺简单,高高兴兴可以制造更多的产能,让你 天天向上,或者造成更多输出。

New Professions 新技能系统

We will replace the existing professions with new ones and even add several more. Don't panic! Your citizen will not lose their existing skill levels! You will be able to transfer them directly into the new professions system. You will lose nothing but will gain a wider range of choices. This is because companies will be able to produce new kinds of products, and for that they need specialists. They need you! For example, a company that produces houses will need builders who build walls, carpenters who produce roofs, and architects who design layouts. Each profession has its own career path. You start as an apprentice and time after time advance to higher skill levels and titles (e.g. Master Builder).
现在的那些个技能都会被换下场,然后再加几个替补。甭担心,你的公民并不会丢掉现有的 技能,你可以把它们直接迁移到新的系统中。你将不会有任何损失,还能拥有一个更宽阔的 选择余地。这是因为公司将可以生产全新的产品种类,它们需要真正的专家,需要的是你。 例如一间生产房屋的公司将需要造墙,刷屋顶的农民工和设计图纸的大学生。每个技能都会 有它自己的职业道路,开始你不过是个学徒,很快你就会更加牛逼甚至成为顶尖大师。

Product customizations 产品个性化

You will be able to specialize in different jobs because company owners will need different kind of specialists in their companies! For example, what makes you decide which food to buy at the moment? Right, the price; and only the price! Within the new Economy company owners will be able to customize the various components their products are made from. Each product consists of components that employees create separately in order to assemble the final product. As mentioned before, a house consists of walls, roofs, and layouts, each of the components require different types of workers. Also, each component directly influences the attributes of the citizens, thus how the company owner customizes their houses will be very important and will make the difference on the market place. The stronger the walls the longer the house will last (=higher durability); the better the roofs the more Health the house will restore each day; the better the layouts the more Happiness the house will provide. What does this all mean? Products on the market will no longer only compete with other products by price but by the way the company owner has customized them! A real competitive market at last!
你将有机会在各种职业中更加专业,因为雇主们不得不需要各种人才。举个例子说吧,你现 在怎么挑选面包的?除了价格,还是价格!但是在新经济系统里呢,老板们将可以定制产品 里各种各样的成分(比如三聚氰胺?)每个产品都包括了员工们分别制作的成分装配而成, 还是拿房子说事儿吧,这玩意儿里边有墙,有屋顶和图纸(这就是房子呀……),每种配件 都需要不同的工人生产。同时每个部件都直接影响到公民的属性,因此老板们怎么定制生产 出的房子将至关重要并且令市场上的产品产生差异。墙壁越结实房子就能活得越久(更耐用 );屋顶越漂亮恢复的体力就越多;房子的布局越好幸福感就越强烈。市场上的各种产品将 不只在价格上发生竞争,更取决于老板们如何定制产品。一个真正具有竞争性的市场!

Customization points 定制点数

Which brings us to the Customization Points (CP). At the moment company owners can already upgrade the quality levels of their companies. In the New Economy each company upgrade will come with Customization Points, which company owners can spend on the various product component to increase their quality and attribute benefits. It's up to you as the company owner to decide whether your houses will provide more Health each day, more Happiness, or if the house will last longer. The market demands more longer-lasting houses? Then spend your Customization Points on walls and hire more builders. Balance the product attributes to meet the demands of the market.
因此我们将面临定制点数这个概念。现如今老板们可以升级他们的公司,而在新经济模块中 每个公司的升级将提供定制点数,这个点数可供分配到产品的部件以增进各部分质量与作用 效果。这取决于作为老板的你,是每天提供更多体力,幸福感还是耐用度?市场需要的是更 豆腐渣的房子么?于是你就去改良墙壁并且雇用更多的农民工。平衡产品的各项属性,为的 是迎合市场的需求。

New products 新产品类型

So what products are we talking about? Here is a selection of new products companies will be able to produce and customize:

- Rifles 步枪
- Tanks 坦克
- Helicopters 直升机
- Artillery 火炮

That's it for the moment. We hope this Insider has given you a first insight of what the New Economy will be about. The next New Economy Insider will pick out one of the features mentioned above and explain it in more detail.
这些是这份无头鸡内幕的全部,我们希望它能给你新经济模块的第一印象;而下一份关于经 济的内幕将详细剖析以上所提的某一项特性。

Oh, we almost forgot: Of course, the new Economy will also bring a redesigned market place, job market, company page, citizen profile, homepage, and more.
唔,我们差点忘了:新经济系统将同时带来重新设计的市场,人才市场,公司界面,个人页 面与首页等等。

Stay tuned!
The eRepublik team

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