Updates on the Front, Presidential Elections, and Citizens Wanted!

Day 805, 14:00 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

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I think my fiery sword of primal justice is in order.

Editor's Note: The attack on France is for initiative purposes. Without the attack, Spain would lose initiative and France would attack both us and the Spaniards. This was a necessary move to keep the war in our favor.

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2 February, 2010, Day 805 of the New World – The war module broke, Presidential elections are coming up, and we are publicizing a new public works project. Today is definitely the day to read The Report! Also, always fight as directed by the DoD - meaning hold fire. If you must fight because you won't be logging in after din-din or something, I think our Norwegian brothers in Scotland could use some help.

<a id="First"> </a>Citizen Defense Force Program

I like this logo a lot, thoughts?

We’re working on a new program, and by “we,” I mean St Krems. The basis of the Citizen Defense Force (CDF, until designated otherwise) is to coordinate and arm our everyday Americans to fight as a single and well-oiled machine. The premise of this program is that every time the government hands out and issues weapons, or there is a major battle, an IRC channel on the Rizon.net server will be established for citizens to join and fight as a single unit.

This has proven to be the deciding factor in psychological warfare in the United States Armed Forces, to see the mass of coordination and strength of the U.S. Now we are opening this up to citizens.

Poster courtesy of Okybibuy.

But why?
1. Free weapons. You’ll get 5 weapons for the coordinated attack.
2. Meet military officials. We have Training Corps and other commanding officers in the channels during these attacks.
3. Yell at your congressman. Congressmen also attend to aid in coordination and to answer public policy questions.
4. Come again, and get more. Repeat attendees will be granted incentives to keep coming back – such as upgraded weapons and high quality products.

Also, I will be at these coordinated attacks. Isn’t that enough of an incentive to hold your fights and attack alongside your fellow American?
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<a id="Second"> </a>Presidential Endorsement

I have always been against Congressional endorsements as President on the premise of separation of powers. However, this election is different. Why? Because it’s for the President, knuckle head!

This will come to little surprise to most, but I must put my backing behind PigInZen. His credentials are great, I have worked with him for over four months in various forms, and his drive to work hard and manage is by far the most valuable trait of his personality.

Do not make this out to be a “PiZ rocks and everyone sucks!” sort of thing. My predecessor, Josh Frost, and newcomer to the Presidential scene, Joe Newton, are all very fine and great candidates. On a personal level, I can vouch for all of their skills and ability to properly lead. Given my personal works with PigInZen, I cannot think of anyone else I would love to see as my successor. Except Woldy, that would rock.
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<a id="Third"> </a>The War for the British Isles


Guys, we won the battles. But we need to be realistic about this situation. The war module is far from perfect, bugs happen, and sometimes they affect us. Something we need to know: Bugs affect everyone – EDEN and Phoenix. Add to this, that we cannot expect to win every battle. We also need to recall the value of forgiving our national successes for the success of the operation.

The United Kingdom is just one front of many we are fighting in. The most important of these fronts is France, and is something we may have to focus on and, in return, we may have to purposely lose battles or simply block.

The reason for this reality check is because I have seen this nation and how we act in war; I myself am just as guilty. We win, we get motivated, and we conquer – until we face one defeat. Then everything falls apart. We are fighting 13 of Phoenix’s nations; we are fighting a cornered animal. Resolution and determination will win, not strength and numbers.

Now let’s get back to the hoo-rah!

”You worked 442 days in a row…” Like a HEMI?

Nation, realism aside, we slapped the United Kingdom so hard it was like they kissed a freight train. With over 1,900,000 damage combined difference in both Wales and South West of England, the United States now holds onto British regions. Pair this with the French president retreating Corsica and handing it to Spain (remember when I said bugs affect everyone?), and last night as very successful.

This is the first time in British history that someone else has owned their original land, since their ill-chosen decision to allow Hungarian passage last summer. Lots of firsts since Asia, eh?

As such, I am appointing Military Governors. These governors will take the place of the Congressmen from their respective regions in my Royal Court but will hold no U.S. legislative power. Their goals would be to aid in the welfare of their now-Americanized region as well as education programs to help them assimilate into the United States culture. Another measure is that conquered lands of the British Isles will be hereby referred to as “Old England,” to complement our far superior and modernized New England.

Governor of Wales – Max McFarland 2
Governor of S.W. of Old England – Josh Frost

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» With the war in full swing, we often forget about the more peaceful things. Support the eUS Babyboom efforts - now is the time to! Fill out this form to get involved now!

» Ever wanted to participate in military affairs but never have been able to be enlisted, or do not want to follow the independent militias? Contact St Krems about the Civilian Defense Force!

» Of course, we all need that traditional YouTube. Well, after some deliberation I finally found an appropriate video. Enjoy!

Written by,
President Jewitt, King of the Britons
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