Interview with an..admin

Day 799, 02:31 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Today we are going to present you an interview with the “admin”. Without further introductions, here we go:

Reporter: Thank you for appearing in this interview.

Admin: Any time.

Reporter: I have so many questions but I don't know where to start!

Admin: Let's try with the beginning.

Reporter: OK. When will you guys launch the new modules? 😃

Admin: C`mon, don't push it!

Reporter: What do you think about the two main alliances, EDEN and PHOENIX, as compared to their forerunners, ATLANTIS and PEACE?

Admin: There's not much of a difference. Just like before, today both EDEN and Phoenix are saying that they are the “good” guys fighting the “evil” enemies, but there's no such thing. Any rope has two ends. One thing is clear: without the “good versus evil” propaganda and war, eRepublik would be much less fun.

Reporter: But you're biased! Admit it!

Admin: Yes, we bias both alliances all the time. Sometimes, within just 12 hours, the top-secret eRepublik Bias Department favors PHOENIX in the morning, a few hours later EDEN; then it will bias PHOENIX again in the afternoon, just to switch back to favoring EDEN in the evening according to some open letters.

Reporter: Wow, do you really have such a department?

Admin: No, of course not. It's just a joke. It's a matter of perspective, really. It's our way to say that everyone plays "victim" all the time.

Reporter: About the new modules ...

Admin: Yes?

Reporter: Is it going to be really that awesome?

Admin: Well, had we not believed that, we wouldn't have worked so hard until now.

Reporter: What are the cool things we can expect?

Admin: As we deliberately leaked through those two “stories”, the new modules will bring new products, new attributes, new skills, new professions, new industries, and new concepts like “time management”. The battle fields will be completely different, turning the fighting experience into both a personal one (you fight against another citizen) and a group one (together with your army squad, if you want a greater “impact”). New elements of strategy will make wars so much more interesting.

Reporter: BUT WHEN?

Admin: This spring you'll be able to play with the new modules 🙂 Soon we will start publishing a long series of Insider articles which will present the new concepts.

Reporter: How about babies and keeping them in-game?

Admin: As we all know, the heart and the soul of eRepublik is what we can call the “social interactions”. We encourage these interactions, but the babies don't interact that much in the first week. So he/she might wonder what is this game all about: just two clicks a day and you`re done? Well, this will change. Not that much; you won't need 100 clicks per day, but there will be several more things to do with your character and your little virtual universe. There will be more variables to adjust, more opportunities to grow, and more fun to have. Of course, all of this this will keep interest up. And then, together with the social integration, the baby will have more chances of getting involved, making friends, and interacting with the surrounding New World. Also, there are other plans regarding the babies.

Reporter: Dear “admin”, thank you very much for your answers. Say hello to headless chicken for me! 😃

Admin: Ah, you're a funny one! What was your citizen ID?

Reporter: Got to run, bye, keep up the good work!