Malika Ela and Nina’s Wedding Invitation

Day 795, 17:00 Published in Indonesia Spain by Popelus

Popelus, formerly known as Nina Ayu, is eMarrying the Malika Ela.

Famously known for her Face-to-Face articles, Malika is a sweet quirky girl from eRomania. Though she is already married to Reshev, she is marrying me (hooray for polygamy!)

As for me, I’m not that legendary but I am semi-active in a few erep communities. 😛

What we saw in each other is indescribable… :3

..::This is an invitation to our eWedding!!!!::..

When: Tuesday, February 26
Time: 13:00 eRep Clock which is….
1:00 PM PST, 4:00 PM EST, 21:00 GMT, 22:00 CET (did I cover them all?)
Location: irc:// or #eVIP on
Priest: The drunk Finn fox, Erwin Schauman!
Who’s invite😛 Everyone!

P.S. If we get the girls drunk enough, they may get on stripper poles. See you there! 😛