Operation Polandball, Accomplished

Day 794, 04:40 Published in Bulgaria China by Donnie Bronco


Today, early in the morning we witnessed the resurrection of eGermany. But first of all once again Poland was able to pull something off that was surprising. After having more than 800 Poles online at 4 a.m. (polish time) for the final battle in Saarland, now they didn´t waste any damage in almost 13 RWs (12 finished RWs) and put exactly a wall of 100k damage in each German region and 200k damage in each French region. I say all countries should praise them for it or even get suspicious? (eCroatia could take a good example.)

But even more important is that we got eGermany back on the map. I want to thank all soldiers who got up at day change and all who fought yesterday to help eGermany. This operation showed once again our unity, like we already did against eCroatia. This time our opponent was stronger but strength doesn`t matter when 1000 soldiers fight for the right cause as one man.

Now what is next? ePoland, eSpain and eRomania I promise you this wasn´t the end and we will come for you. After helping eSlovenia and eGermany we are going for eBulgarian and eFrench region.

Oh and I almost forgot the important part:

Gentleman, together we successfully accomplishe😛
Operation Polandball!

We tried to get your region back. But we failed and there is no excuse for it. What I can promise is that we will go again for your regions and get them back. At the end of the battle we were just a little damage to short but only because most of our armies were moving to ePoland to get eGermany back on the map. Whatever Romania is writing in their Propaganda, they struggled to win the battle.

Please accept the apology and keep fighting, because we will keep fighting for you and with you together! And you should know that we will get your regions back next.

What happened to your country is unacceptable. They banned all of you, all of you were innocent and until now you didn´t get any apology. Eden players keep mocking you and are losing any dignity by accusing all Turkish players to be cheaters. The guys doing this should be ashamed of themselves. Or can you prove all of them are cheaters and even can you prove that even one of the banned players actually cheated? No you didn´t see any evidence nor can you prove it.

eTürkiye, Phoenix is with you and please keep playing. I can understand your feelings but don´t leave the game because you are treated in a bad way, you exactly know our whole alliance is treated the same way. I say,

If you get banned for no reasons laugh at them,
If they mock you keep your pride and answer on the battlefield, just show them you are stronger,
If you respond to the one-sided bullying this way, they only get their way.

I wanted to thank you officially for not taking advantage of the bad situation eTürkiye was put into. This is a big act of selflessness and fair play!

And a statement to eFrance. You may be dissappointed that we couldn't help you today but I hope you understand the importance of getting eGermany back on the map. It was one of the last possible dates we could place them back to avoid a PTO. (We also didn´t expect that ePoland will be able to raise all walls equally with all the new players they got.) But you also should know we will help you in the future to get your regions back and that it isn´t over yet!

Best Regards,
Deputy SG of PHOENIX ALLIANCE , Donnie Bronco (Germany)

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