[BE] The Unwanted Liberation

Day 790, 09:57 Published in Belgium Romania by org.be
The newly restored country of eBelgium (a small and difficult to spot caper on the pizza pie of Europe) is now almost two days old. Oddly enough, practically no articles worth mentioning were dedicated to this event outside of eBelgium itself, where a true propaganda war broke loose in the media between the victorious EDEN liberators of mostly eRomanian and eCroatian origin on one side, and opposing them some RL Belgian players from the eUK and eUNl. Citizens of EDEN countries may be surprized to see the independence of a country being criticized by its original nationals, but to understand this situation, some knowledge of previous events in eBelgian history is needed.

Several months ago, a PTO during Country President elections by a Spanish group inspired eBelgians to merge with their Northern neighbour eNetherlands, a nation with a similar cultural and geopolitical background. This merge resulted in a unique union called the United Netherlands (referring to a real life historical entity in this parts of Europe), eUNl for short. The fact that this union of two nations was a result of free choice from both sides cannot be stressed enough. The Belgians quickly found their place in the cultural and political life of the union, and had a large representation in eUNl government. ThomasRed, the current eUNl Country President, elected several times in the past, is a RL Belgian.

A new dramatic turn of events took place about three months ago, when a Romanian group (inspiringly enough called "The Group&quot😉 with support of EDEN special forces started a Resistance War in Flanders, and soon afterwards in Brussels, proclaiming independence and thus ripping these two originally Belgian regions from the union. Attaining the majority in Congress and providing their Country President, this foreign government installed a "martial law" in eBelgium and was marked by constant protest from actual nationals, who suddenly found themselves in an EDEN satelite state, with no real voice in the country administration, and having to watch how The Group systematically drained the National Treasury, sending tax payers money to their personal warehouses.

After several attempts, eUK finally managed to take adventage of EDEN forces being distracted by their Asian campaigns, and conquered Flanders and Brussels without any significant resistance. The British troops were greeted as liberators by the local population, which now could benefit from a sound economy and was treated with respect under British rule. A new merging project was proposed between eUK and eUNl, which delayed the rendition of Flanders and Brussels to eUNL, but all preparations were put on hold after the recent European conquests by ePoland and eSpain, and eUK suddenly became one of the last bastions of Phoenix in Western Europe. When eSpain invaded Flanders and ePoland rolled over Wallonia (soon to be handed over to eSpain as well), Brussels found itself to be the last British enclave on continental Europe, surrounded by EDEN territory.

Finally, three days ago, a Romanian player called unualibro started a Resistance War in Brussels. At first the rebellion didn't seem to be successful, with some unenthusiastic fighting from both sides and a rather low but constant wall, but in the last ten minutes EDEN tanks (mostly Croatians, Romanians and Greek) crushed the defenders and claimed their victory - the Belgian tricolor was once again planted in Brussels. Although Resistance Hero and Country President candidate unualibro claims to have only the best intentions for eBelgium and promisses to leave eBelgium within a month, after securing a viable independence and a strong democracy in the country, still most RL Belgians remain skeptical, having historically strong feelings of aversion towards EDEN and seeing too many similarities with events in the past of their nation. Unualibro's project of creating a new European alliance and making Brussels its capital, also raises some questions among his opposition.

The new order in eBelgium will have to make great efforts to win the trust and the sympathy of the original population, and time will show if their actions will live up to their promisses. One thing is certain - a new chapter in eBelgian history was opened, and it promisses to be a tumultuous one, as so often in the past of this small nation.