Pakistan voted out of group we werent even in

Day 788, 21:23 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Anonymous90

As you probably don't know we were voted out of sol for building that landbridge, the thing is we weren't even in sol to begin with, I don't know why they though we were in it because until very recently we didn't even have an ambassador there and ignored all of there messages to appoint one.

Another thing you probably don't know is that I was the ambassador to them. The reason why is because so I could mess around with something we had no stakes in and giggle like a little girl whenever I voted, as I knew it didn't actually count.

Also its pretty damn funny why we were voted out, as china let in americans to colonize india and generally be pigs, but when we let in our Serbian buddies sol goes all pig-like on us.

I hope you have learned something more about sol today because it is very usefull information and could save your life, and get you laid, at the same time.

Until next time Pakistan