Fear and Loathing in Ireland

Day 788, 20:42 Published in Ireland Pakistan by Longbaugh
The following article is my own opinion. In no way does the following article reflect the sentiments of my party, my party president, the Dáil Éireann, An Taoiseach Edana Savage, or any other citizen, organization, or body in Ireland. These are the words of me, Longbaugh—and me alone.

As you might have heard, Poland has decided to put the United Kingdom on its priority list. EDEN has decided to play the same petty politics that they always criticized PEACE for, and it has resulted in an insatiable thirst for British blood. Apparently, this is retaliation for the UK's region swap with France during World War III.

Listen, I make no qualms about my love for this game. I decided on day one that I would stick it out. I moved out of the United States back in July because the country's ideology was riddled with hypocrisy. I will admit, however, that said hypocrisy was largely within a confined medium as I was reacting to sentiments put forth by party leaders, congressmen, et cetera.

Though I wrote numerous articles regarding the then-imminent demise of the United States (and how it was well-deserved), I viewed the war itself as a manner of course-correcting the United States. My conflict was with certain individuals—granted, they were certain powerful individuals, but they were still a small fraction of the population. The initial problem then was that said powerful individuals had so much sway over new citizens that it was depressing. In the following months a cult of Emerick-worship sprung up. It sprung up almost exactly as I was leaving. And, I felt it was dumb and dubious, particularly because it wasn't but a month earlier when Emerick had been living, fighting, and working in PEACE Japan. He's a Diost and, as a Dioist, he always held his American patriotism at arm's length (despite what you younger citizens have been brainwashed to believe). I saw a culture of ideological hypocrisy setting up roots and, as a RL American, I felt frankly disgusted by it.

PEACE GC folded because the Indonesian congress usurped their then-president wizzie_don and opted to try and end the war before Florida was captured (a gesture of good faith to the USA)... which led to the United States reclaiming all of its territories... which led to Indonesia leaving the alliance amidst internal struggles... which led to the ultimate dissolution of PEACE GC. Previous to PEACE's dissolution, ATLANTIS had folded due to its own internal struggles. Now, EDEN carries on the ATLANTIS tradition and Phoenix carries on the PEACE tradition.

Fast forward to now.

Poland has baby-boomed and currently has double the citizens that the second most populated nation (Spain) has. And, they're taking full advantage of their boom; unlike France a few months back. Now they've decided to take the agenda of the United States and Canada upon their own backs by invading the UK, with the ultimate goal of eliminating them from the world map.

In all of this, it's apparent that EDEN is now the world aggressor. More importantly, the United States isn't speaking out against Poland for two reasons. The first reason is that they are part of the same alliance. The second reason is that they fear Poland. They've looked into the metaphorical eyes of Poland's ambition and promise and they've thrown their arms in the air. They've washed their hands (Pontius Pilate-style) of their former ideological high-mindedness and have decided to be the devil's advocate. As a former American, what bothers me about this is that it appears the culture within the United States has indeed worsened; whereas I thought World War III would enlighten them... set them straight, if you will. Because, before PEACE humbled them, they paraded their pomp and circumstance in the world media as if they were untouchable and inherently just... because they were America.

Now, every single morsel of good will they ever built up (defending Greece, Israel, South America, etc.) is gone completely. All of EDEN's good will has been eviscerated because they've sat on their hands and allowed Poland to march through Europe the same way PEACE marched through Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America. Though, it should be noted that when I joined eRepublik, Romania (ATLANTIS) ruled half the world.

With all of that said I feel the need, as a twice-elected Teachta Dála of Dublin, to declare my firm opposition to Ireland's decision to sit on its hands during this war of aggression. Nevermind that the UK crushed EDEN's boner yesterday by handling Poland like a police officer handles a crying baby. What I'm specifically reacting to is the tone in Ireland following British MoFA GLaDOS' now-deleted article damning Ireland for it's abolishment of the Raleigh Treaty.

I know the Raleigh Treaty was not "official" as admin declared long ago that treaties had to be signed every month by each incoming congress. That does not matter. Too many in Ireland have a misunderstanding of the Brolliance between the United States and Canada. They see it as a choice, but it isn't. It never has been. They have perhaps the strongest alliance in the world. And, it's a defensive alliance. It is not an alliance of choice, but of necessity. This is how Ireland should view the United Kingdom.

Instead of siding with the criminally-insane Padraig_Pearse in his ideological wet dreams of instituting RL politics into eRepublik by conquering Northern Ireland from the UK, Ireland should realize that an alliance with the UK (not necessarily with Phoeni is also an alliance of necessity. The United Kingdom is to Ireland as the United States is to Canada. They don't need us, but they can use us... and we sure as hell can't afford to back-stab or piss them off. It should also go without saying that Ireland could most definitely use the UK as an ally.

During the last two weeks, Ireland has:

1. Declared conquering Northern Ireland to be a national goal for January.
2. Decided not to help defend the UK against imperialist aggressors.

So, regarding GLaDOS' article, we should all realize that we have no place to complain about his "slip of the tongue." Dish's admission that the UK has no interest in attacking Ireland is obvious (I've been saying as much for a month on the Irish forum). We have no reason to inherently fear the UK. The only reason we have is because we think the UK is as petty as we are and would institute RL politics into this game the same way we do as a congressional and social Irish body. What we should have always feared was upsetting the natural "brolliance" we have with the UK.

Whether Ireland likes it or not, she's in this together with the UK. After all, we do share an island.

And so... I felt the need to voice my opinion—on the main site and not hidden away on a forum. As a Teachta Dála of Dublin, I do not agree with Edana Savage's decision to stay out of the fight between Poland and the United Kingdom. While I understand her motives (she's looking out for Ireland’s sovereignty, which is her duty) I do not agree with the decision itself.

In conclusion, we fully deserve whatever diplomatic/militaristic treatment the United Kingdom deems us worthy of—be it for better or for worse. We have exposed ourselves as being unworthy of an alliance... scared even. And, I do not see such a policy as a building block to a better, stronger Ireland.

No nation ever accomplished anything by being afraid.

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