[EDEN] Australia joins EDEN, the battle goes on.

Day 785, 07:51 Published in Croatia Romania by Mistwalker

Hello everyone!

Please vote and shout this out for all our brothers to see.

It is with great delight that I announce to you my appointment as EDEN Media Director following the retirement of my predecessor Scorpius, I thank him for all the good work he has done and at the same time promise to take EDEN media to the next level 🙂

However since this is my first serious article posted this year I'd like to congratulate all citizens of EDEN for their commitment, sacrifice and the team spirit shown on many occasions in the last months when we were outnumbered, outgunned and outmaneuvered by PEACE/Phoenix forces. It is by our will to come out on top victorious and the skilled leadership we enjoy that we managed time and again to thwart the efforts of our adversaries.

Sure, we know what the enemy propaganda says, that they almost conquered North America, that they almost destroyed EDEN, that they released almost all of Slovenia, etc.

We do not deal in almost, because we are EDEN, because we are a Brotherhood of Nations that does everything together until the end or doesn't do anything at all. All our actions, our victories, our defeats, our conquests either by a citizen or a whole country serve only to strenghten us and by doing so enrich us all in the grand scheme. Our enemies try again and again to set us apart and make us fight each other. All they have succeeded is to harden the fiber that we together create and unite us as never before!

Not without emmotion I take a bow to the STRENGHT and VALOR of the Brotherhood, but moving on it is with great pleasure that I announce our family growing once more with the addition of eAustralia to it. That's right:

Australia joins EDEN via The Allied Forces

As you all know, EDEN doesn't take applications, membership can only be offered and that offer has to be earned. Ladies and gentlemen, they did. After a months long effort of liberation, Australia managed to secure both the freedom of her territories and its independence against the oppresive grasp of Indonesia by taking back West Australia and at the same delivering a crippling blow to their economy.

These grizzled veterans from the Land Down Under will now stand side by side with us in our war against Phoenix and their puppet states all around the globe.

This is the public announcement made today by the Australian Prime-Minister, Cottus Arci, I ask you all to join me in welcoming our new brothers to the EDEN trials.


EDEN Media Dept opens its gates again

Time to end everyones' vacation and get back to work, later in the day I will be posting our targets for the coming month and attempt to refresh the roster of writers laboring to spread the good word of EDEN at home and abroad.

For those of you who wish to contribute please PM your Minister of Foreign Affairs and let them know your intentions. We are looking for talented writers with a reasonably high subscriber base, will to help their country and EDEN as well as people skilled in (trolling 😛) handling that pesky wikipedia.

Thank you for reading this far, as a closer I'm going to present the EDEN command structure, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to adress them to us and we will clarify anything and provide info within a certain limit of course 🙂

Shoot - Supreme Commander
Lavanche - Assistant Supreme Commander
vingaer - Foreign Affairs Organizer
Crista22 - Assistant Foreign Affairs Organizer
Gaius_Julius - Military Organizer
Filurkatten - Assistant Military Organizer
reboot - Economic Organizer
mihail.cazacu - ISD Director
Mistwalker - Public Relations


Mistwalker, EDEN Spokesman, signing out