Day 783, 16:25 Published in Australia Australia by Jc_ump_232

Hey, I’m Jc and I’m running for ERA party President.

Well I’m from South Australia and proud of it and yes I drink the tap water J which proves my toughness. I been playing Erepublik for about 100 days and made many friends along the way, most of which are from ERA. I’m currently a Senator for Australia in Tasmania and also in the AAR Echo Squad.

I want to keep ERA alive by giving Patti, MachineMadness and CrowdedHouse more support as ERA has lost its motivation to bring eAustralia into the new game mechanics. ERA is a party that all members should be proud of as we quickly grew and spawned a PM in our first month. How many parties have done that?

So on Party President election day vote for me to put another log under the ERA fire so it can continue to burn proudly for another month.

This is Jc saying vote for me