January Cabinet

Day 778, 13:59 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

Apparently surrounding yourself with good people makes good business and I believe that’s exactly what I have done, so without further ado please welcome January 2010 Cabinet:

Vice President
Amun Nefer

Minister of Finance
Lazer Fazer

Minister of Trade

Minister of Information
Awaiting confirmation

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ines Schumacher

Minister of Social Development
Frank Furglar

Minister of Security

Minister of Military Development
Maddog Jones

Minister of Defence
Ali Mentry

Sol Representative


I wish you guys all the luck the eWorld has to offer. I will not be easy on you and I expect my cabinet to work hard to ensure that eSouth Africa prospers as an eNation.

You now have the task of recruiting Directors for the various Departments that you have below you.