Scandal: Holy See Multis used for PTOs

Day 774, 14:24 Published in USA USA by Myles Robinson

I have come across the following and submitted a ticket to the admins about this. A scandal uncovered involving potential multis used for elections in China and Peru by the international group that calls itself the Holy See (NOT the Ajay Bruno one).


According to an article in the Chinese media (here), an organization that calls itself the Holy See was threatening a minor political take-over and trying to blackmail candidates into accepting their cabinet members. They have done this before, and this article alludes to them have many "people who have no actions" (according to Google Translate of the Chinese): Here

I looked at their following three organizations associated with this group:
Sancta Sedes
Sancta Sedes Knights Templar
Societas Verbi Divini

These organizations also seem to have some association with this group, based on the donations:
Banco de Inca
Lothair Group

I came across these links by looking at the donations between all of the groups. The donations that stood out are specifically on this organization that I reported, found on this page:
Donation List

The following citizens received donations. Their wellness is at zero, their level is high enough to allow a vote, and they have no friends at all but yet received donations from this organization (probably food or high-Q gifts to keep their wellness up). Furthermore, they all joined on either Day 578 or 580. I am confident that these are most definitely multis:

Furthermore, these two companies in the Sancta Sedes organization are all dead or low-wellness employees, all of whom are between 7 and 8 (perfect voting age), all in Peru, none with friends. Also indicative of a multi farm, probably used to cause or counter the Peruvian PTO efforts. Also, the only orgs with employees like this are their companies in Peru only, further lending credence to this:

Of the employees in the first company (Holy Defense Corporation), the following all joined on Day 626 of 627:

Of those employees in the second company (Holy Real Estate Corporation), the following all joined on Day 626 as well:

I believe that all of this is proof that this international group which refers to itself as the Holy See, specifically the owners of the organizations Societas Verbi Divini and Sancta Sedes, have been administering multiple accounts in order to influence past and future elections in Peru and China.

For reference, I am not saying these people are directly behind the multiple accounts, but they are heavily involved in this group and its actions in Peru and China, or involved with these orgs and people elsewhere in the world, if you want to widen the investigation just in case:
Adrian Lothair
Jo Tombs
Sante Lab
John Prentice
Peter Wall
Saint William -- The apparent leader.
Louis Leakey

Thank you for looking into this."