My Badly Written Story

Day 774, 00:53 Published in Austria Japan by Alfred Ball

My Journey

My early eLife days were lived it in eGermany, I lived their and started with some of my RL friends the Nationalist Party of Germany which you see now in the form of PPD. During the Polish TO of eGermany though we decided to leave temporarily and we discussed the possible places on where to go for a while, we later realized that eUSA was in a major crisis and needed every helping hand and able bodied people to help them, so we spent a good deal of time in Florida. These days are mostly regarded as my noob days, I had never heard of organized attacks until the end of my days spent in eUSA. My noobiness turned into a blessing when Colombia attacked Missouri, and I mindlessy attacked the wall and within 2 hours of the battle it was retreated by former ePOTUS Gaius Julius and I had gained a pretty easy Battle Hero Medal. But the highlight of being in eUSA was forming my love for EDEN, and huge criticism of PEACE GC new aggressive trend. I als made many eLife long friends in eUSA such as Joshua Patterson and Mootles.

Soon after my departure from eUSA I felt new, over the weeks I was their I was certain I transformed from a noob to essentially an active and a well informed player. I also felt a great amount of pride in seeing EDEN and eUSA through their great struggle. I arrived in eAustria with several friends, I remember arriving a few days before the congressional elections, I casted my vote for Rangeley, this was before I had become a political face in eAustria, I had voted for Rangeley because we had exchanged several PM's when I first arrived he asked me what my beliefs were, told me he was part of the OIP and that they stood for PEACE GC founding principles and not the outbreak of aggressive revenge wars started by the bigger nations that also resided in PEACE. I was invited to join the OIP as well but I declined this offer and informed him I would be creating my own party then wished him and the OIP good luck on there own journey as he wished me good luck on mine.

Back in those early days, I was a person no one in eAustria had ever heard of, I was probably so insignificant that Rangeley doesn't even remember these few messages sent back and forth on my first few days here. A few days before the presidential elections I had established Freedom Party Austria, we endorsed Rangeley for presidency against Metallon. Rangeley came out as the victor. I started to distinguish myself finally when my hard worked when negotiating a successful merger of two parties who shared the same beliefs of being Pro-EDEN and a strong opposition to I.A. in organizational skills. And that is exactly what was done when we picked up 10 congressmen with only around 23 members.

Shortly after the elections we were approached by the I.A. on forming a partnership for the upcoming elections, we would have a joint cabinet under Querb's presidency. He was pitted against Rangeley running for his second term. During this election we saw some very dirty politics being put out by the other side such as scare tactics that they would use to benefit their needs and gains. Our would be administration was said that we would not make it to the next presidential elections. In the end Rangeley won, the election's determined by one vote.

After these presidential elections, I had begun plotting ways of gaining a maximum of 4 seats more then last elections of last month. I then signed off on the orders that condemned OIP to a hostile party takeover. It is a move that I regret even today two months later. In the end OIP reemerged with a newly bought party stronger then before. It was one of my biggest if not the biggest mistake I have ever made in this game. It caused me to take a leave for about 6 days to eUSA then when I got wind of the eHungarian invasion of Burgenland I came back and personally paid for several big named tanks from all over the eWorld to defend us.

The next month we took the top 3rd party in eAustria. In our second congressional elections our hard work had payed off yet again when we gained 14 congressional seats as seen here, soon afterwards eHungary launched one of the most needless attacks on this game I have ever seen on Burgenland, I paid personally for some of the greatest tanks on both sides. In the end we won and then helped out our neighbors Slovakia to distract eHungary which led to the liberation of some regions of eSlovakia.

Shortly after the battles against eHungary we wasted no time getting the upcoming elections prepared, and instead of National Front Austria backing a candidate from another party we ran one of our own and I was chosen to against 3rd term seeker Rangeley, Oraizan, and MachtGeil. It was a great election in the end and again Rangeley earned a well deserved third term to represent the people. I was chosen as his Minster of Defense and one of my first tasks was further organizing the military and and electing squad leaders to help this task. As MoD I rebuilt the armed forces added the Jagdkommando, saw a new organization built to supply squad leaders with Q1's. I paid for the upgrade of our Q1 Gun company to Q2. I saw eAustria stand proud against countries being oppressed such as Malaysia, France and some other nations.

The next presidential elections are rolling around and I am announcing my candidacy for president. I promise to continue in the honorable steps of those of our previous president. I would like to ask faith of the eAustrian people on the fifth. It is now very late where I am and I need sleep, xD. Sorry if the end looks rushed. If it looks that way it's because it is!

Alfred Ball - Candidate For President

P.S. I definitely meant to include other close friends and rivals, so I am going to make a list down here.

Travis James

There is definitely much more and sorry if I missed you please tell me if I have and I will add you!