This is it, 2009!

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Dear citizens,

Well, this is it! We are enjoying the final hours of 2009, a year both difficult and beautiful, filled with passions and sometimes anger, with raging wars and beautiful friendships. A year providing many changes and improvements in the eRepublik game play as well as a long list of new modules.

The “super powers cycle” is crystal clear in our New World. We started the year with Romanians marching through Hungary and crowding them into just one region, this while in the same time Romania was fighting with the super power of Indonesia. We are ending it with Hungarians conquering Crisana, and right now assaulting Transylvania, idea which might have seemed unimaginable a year ago. But in eRepublik everything is possible, dreams can turn into reality if you wish hard enough. In the first months of 2009 Indonesians got their hands on the rich region of Karnataka (the turning point of the Ro vs Hu-Ind-Rus war) while the US was an almost “dead” and inactive nation. And yesterday they occupied Karnataka, the crown jewel of Indonesia, this way announcing the USA undoubtedly super power statute.

France and Spain had their own regional war, France being wiped out at some point, which led to a huge baby boom in France. Then it was Spain's turn to be wiped out by France. Today, once again, about half of France is occupied by Spain. Another hot spot of never ending wars is in the Greece-Turkey area. In autumn Canada was completely conquered, but the love for their homeland, supported by the sacrificing spirit of their allies, quickly regained their lands. USA too was reduced to only a couple of regions back in the summer, but just like Karnataka for Romania, later those regions proved to be a turning point for the armies of PEACE stuck in front of Washington: the start of a retreat which ultimately led to PEACE alliance fading out from the world scene and making space for PHOENIX birth.

Anyway, there were so many interesting events in 2009 that only one article could not possibly cover all of them. Many memorable moments, hunters becoming hunted, genuine mass-media wars, epic battles deciding the fate of countries or even alliances of countries, "baby-booms" reviving sleeping nations like Serbia and Russia which today have a strong influence in the eRepublik universe. One certain thing is that we end this year under the war sign. The other is that we look forward to the next year's evolution of the New World. Just like you, we are all waiting for the new dimensions of the eRepublik citizens' experience, and we are confident that it's going to be awesome. The new war and economic module are going to be just the beginning. We have plans for many other “goodies” in the media field, communication and political module, in our constant work to improve eRepublik.

These being said,

Farewell 2009
Welcome 2010
Happy New Year!

The eRepublik Team