Im out of here

Day 767, 07:50 Published in Thailand Thailand by Jack Roberts

Granted I havent been around for some time, and had been two-clicking largely for the past month or longer, but I think my time with this game is done and this is my official "retirement" article. I simply find no enjoyment in it at all, and frankly I have grown tired of dealing with the idiots in the game.

Unfortunately this is simply no way a small nation can survive and thrive in this game as we have seen that eThailand has once again been PTO'd by this time our former allies the eIndonesians. Frustrating to be sure, but I find myself asking these days,&quot😉o I really give a fuck anymore?"

The answer is a resounding,"No.", because while the eIndonesians are largely jackasses, I lost my desire to be an active participate and contributor to this game and nation of eThailand long ago before they began intruding in eThailand's affairs.

I wish those of you who still continue the struggle of eThailand's independence without interference from other nations...good luck and success in your efforts. I fear you will never be wholly successful as this game is largely a reflection of the internet as a whole, that being largely populated by the stupid.

Godspeed friends.