[UNL] The UNL political system : a need of change !

Day 766, 10:09 Published in Netherlands Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn

[UNL] The UNL political system : a need of change !

Dear citizens of the United Netherlands,

Our political system is very particular : the United Netherlands are a "parliamentary democracy", and is not a republic, which is quite original for a game called eRepublik...

After the Congress Elections, the party which have won the most seats of congressmen is forming a coalition of parties to make a government.

The President, elected 10 days later, have no power in our system, although he is the one who is responsible for the country military operations (attacking regions, retreating, etc...).

Our political system have worked very well, but is now outdated.
There is too much opposition between our UNL political parties, and between our politicals leaders.
The last months have been difficult for our Union, and the reality of our country have change.
We are even now living a situation where the political party of the President is not in the government.

I would like to propose you a new political system.
A system which won't be a big surprise, as it is a republik political system...
What is best than a republik in eRepublik ?

How does it will work ?
The President will be elected each month, and will have to form his government. A government which won't be a coalition of political parties, but of experienced and enthusiastic people...

The President will have to present his government to the Congress, elected 10 days before, and which will have to vote the confidence toward this proposition of government made by the President.

What are the benefits of this system ?
- it's more democratic, no more tactical voting on Congress election day.
- it simplify the system and make it more efficient, especially with the role of the President.
- it will improve the debates in the Congress, which won't be bound anymore to the government.
- no more political struggles which can block our country, and impeach some experienced people to work for our nation.
- the Presidential government can be presented before the election, and citizens will be able to react on it. Moreover, we won't loose anymore 5 to 10 days per month to form a new government.
- ...

I really think that our political system need a change.
I really think that this change can be the rise of the Republik.

I invite all UNL citizens to react on this idea, and to join the debate area on our forum : http://www.enetherlands.nl/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3935&start=0.

Best regards,

President of the United Netherlands

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