Merry Christmas, eRepublik world!

Day 765, 02:34 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Many of us are preparing to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Traditionally, in many countries these are the days when families are reunited around a table, sharing warm moments together, forgetting about all the bad things. Sometimes after a long time. It's also said that the Christmas spirit turns mankind into a more friendly one. The perfect days to forgive and forget, to prove altruistic, to be a better you. It would be nice if we would have this spirit in eRepublik too, at least for a couple of days. To see old enemies shaking hands and remember that after all the New World is a virtual one, just a game.

We are approaching the end of a year which from our perspective was a good one. It is true that there is always a place for “better”, that's why the work never ends. But if we close our eyes and fast forward the months of this soon-to-end year, we can say that we have done many things, we have grown so much in terms of activity and citizens. And we will continue to do so, as the next year will bring spectacular new dimensions to your experience in eRepublik.

Until then, let's fill the New World with joy and kindness. Merry Christmas and welcome to all Polish babies. Merry Christmas to all our older citizens. Merry Christmas everybody. We wish you all to have a wonderful time together with your friends and families.

Merry Christmas,
The eRepublik Team