Tim Holtz - Senate at the last minute

Day 764, 22:23 Published in Australia Australia by Tim Holtz

I was looking at the ERA Congress line up and saw that there was no one running in Western Australia (likely due to the fact it was only just taken back). I decided then and there that I will Run in WA.

Some info about my Views :

* I'm a Pro-EDEN person. They have done nothing but support us in our time of need. I dont nessisarily advocate Joining EDEN but Closer ties with them is definately a good idea in my oppinion.

*I'm Pro-Sol if they pick up their game. Doing training wars while Australia and many other countries are fighting in real wars that affect their homelands. Not on Guys....

*I fully support the multiple New Citizen helping Organisations. Possibly even getting more Government funding for them. They are incredibly important for our future.

Some info about me :

*I have a large knowledge base in this game.

*I am very active (5-6 hours a day)

Thanks for your time and vote Tim Holtz 😉