Re-elect H.Nelson for Queensland!

Day 763, 12:53 Published in Australia Australia by H.Nelson

Dear Citizens of Queensland,

I think most of you may already know me as I'm running for Senate in QLD for the fourth time, under the banner of the Australian Independents. So this time I'll try to keep it short and sweet, focusing on my achievements so far and outlining the nature of conduct you can expect from me in the future.

What I've been busy with during the past few days/weeks

As a proud eAustralian and a member of the ACUK I have been taking my share of defending our home by putting an enormous effort in the battles for WA, NT, SA and QLD in particular.

As a business owner I've been trying to offer decent salaries for the 9 excellent eAustralian co-workers of Nelson Industries to help the war effort despite the fact that I have not sold a single diamond for a week now (my company is temporarily behind enemy lines in NT).

What I was doing as a Senator for Queensland

As a Senator for my home state I took part in every single voting process. I won't go into details on this rather include the most important proposals I voted on and let you decide if you agree with me or not.

Voted in favour of

¤ Alliance with Canada, USA, Malaysia, Greece, Spain, Croatia

It is beyond question that these alliances are key factors regarding the security of eAustralia and recent events proved they are essential in defending our homeland when an aggression led by a more powerful country takes place. Realising this simple logic all of the above proposals passed with only one or two Senators voting against.

However, when it comes to renewing these alliances in a possibly peaceful future we should do some research on the cost effectiveness of some of them.

¤ Import tax cuts on wood, oil, iron

In order to provide our local businesses with high quality material we should re-consider the level of import taxes for some raw materials we currently do not possess a high region of. These proposals aimed exactly this.

¤ Implementing a Q5 defence system in NSW

To strengthen the nation's defence capabilities in case an all-out war broke out our Prime Minister proposed a Q5 DS deployment to our capital. This has been a likely scenario with Brazil at our doorsteps directly threatening us and invading WA and NT just days after this proposal passed.

¤ Import tax cuts on weapons and diamonds

Both these tax cuts are in connection with the Brazilian aggression. We needed more weapons to fight with against our enemy while the diamond tax cut (in effect on a temporary basis) was aimed at compensating the loss of our high diamond regions (unfortunately not delivering the expected effect).

Voted against

¤ Judicial System Act

More red tape and an excellent opportunity to boost our biggest spammers' post counts on the official eAustralian forums.

¤ Wartime Powers Act

The proposal was aimed at simplifying processes during times of war, however, in my opinion it could have led to a dangerous precedent of overruling protocols with the excuse of some hazily defined threats.

What you can expect from me during my 4th consecutive term as Senator for Queensland

I intend to go on with the open-minded conduct I have pursued so far, keeping the everyday needs of eAustralian citizens in mind when deciding on supporting a proposal or not. I will be available for questions, comments, ideas submitted via personal messages as many of you are already aware who have contacted me.

As we have a lot more important things to focus on during these times of war I will keep on refraining from the political bickering and I'm still not willing to take part in the mudslinging and infighting we have experienced so many times recently. Being an Independent comes with responsibilities; to keep an eye on democratic processes, keep the officials of eAustralia accountable and represent the will of the everyday citizens.

So when it's time to decide on who you would like to see as a representative of Queensland remember to vote for H.Nelson, an Independent who has already proven that he is able to represent the citizens' best interests!

Best regards,
Senator for Queensland (3rd term)
ACU Koala (Foxtrot Squad)
President of the Australian Independents