Super Chris for Queensland

Day 762, 16:17 Published in Australia Australia by Super Christopher

Hi everyone this month I will be running for congress in Queensland.
Here are some reasons you should vote for me:
I have experience, I have been playing Erepublik for 13 months.
Activity: I have been a member of Australian elite solders for around 4 months this requires me to be active everyday on the game and the forums. I’m also quite active within my political party ERA.
Some things I hope to achieve this term:
1. Help push out Brazil from Australia and South Africa
2. To help set up the new SPMM as our Defence Policy using my knowledge from 3 months in the AAR, 4 months in the Dropbears and 2 months in Spain’s military.
3. To Stay active and help the country I love.
Thanks for reading and remember Vote 1 Super Christopher