Tecchi - Helping Advance Australia Fair!

Day 762, 03:49 Published in Australia Australia by Tecchi

So... eBrazil has landed on our golden soil and invaded our beloved home girt by sea.

Those Brazilians who've come across the seas, wish to plunder and corrupt our Beauties: rich and rare.

The question is... will YOU, eAustralians step up and take a stand to stop them? To Advance Australia Fair?

I, Tecchi, will unquestionably stand by anyone who wishes to band together, to unite as ONE NATION to rid our land of the Brazillian menace and make eAustralia whole again. I only have but one small request, that you in turn stand by me - by voting me in the upcoming NSW Senate election so we can work TOGETHER to re-unify this nation of ours into a strong unstoppable force that will make any Brazillian shake in their soccer-boots.
Because believe it or not eAustralia, we are weak right now. Divided and weak. However, voting senators that have nothing other than the full interests of eAus at heart will make us strong again! When you enter that polling booth on Senate Election Day, keep this in the front of your mind.

I have seen an exiled eAustralia (i was the new eAustralias very first MoD for 3 terms), and let me tell you it is not pretty. If we continue on the path that we are heading it will happen again, do not let this happen.

"With courage let us all combine, to Advance Australia Fair!"

tlr - Vote Tecchi for a NSW Senate seat, just do it, trust.