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10th Issue - NEW MAP (first beta version)

Day 1,893, 08:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Gepard007

Maybe you've already seen it but ok here it is:

This message has been sent to "important" people in eRepublik...

When you press "Home" button it looks like this:

You can also switch between options to adjust your view:

Another view on cities and regions:

You have also two buttons (blue and red). Blue means "Zoom to my position" and Red "Daily Order"

On the right upper corner you have search for cities, regions etc:

You can also move from one location to the other when being on this map (check green button on the right)

So the things are still changing from minute to minute but here is the first view to what expects us :) Hopefully this will drag new people to our country too :)


Comments Day 1,893, 08:22


egorenc Day 1,893, 08:25


egorenc Day 1,893, 08:25


Mr.CaCkO Day 1,893, 08:26


Mr.CaCkO Day 1,893, 08:27

aja sej slovenc ; )

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,893, 08:27


mojlek Day 1,893, 08:37

to ja, lol

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,893, 08:39


Gwom Day 1,893, 08:49

Looks good

stpolar Day 1,893, 09:03


Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Day 1,893, 09:11


PWhite Day 1,893, 09:15

medicinec, egorenc. A sta Geparda s smoothom slučajno zamešala ?

Gepard007 Day 1,893, 09:58

@PWhite: Sej jima lahk napišem, da je njun al čigav pravzaprav je

Girlpower Day 1,893, 10:33

About time the map gets an update! It sucks right now. Day 1,893, 13:20

nice sarcasm Girlpower

DimlightHero Day 1,893, 17:09

Let's keep our fingers crossed that it won't crash.

S.Killer Day 1,894, 00:16

I hope that with this map, there will be less pink?

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,894, 04:41

maybe if the admins decide we are a grain country again, and don't have that annoying oil region

Persian Wine Day 1,894, 05:39

Comment deleted

Dutchys Day 1,894, 06:40

Is it ipad friendly?

Revvenge Day 1,894, 10:27

Look good

Gepard007 Day 1,894, 13:44

@Dutchys: Don't know yet :S

Fosite Day 1,894, 16:10

While i like the looks of that map. I really hope that there will be some updates coming to fix other more important issues like Economic module since production of items gives very little to no profits. Just look at the costs of building a Q7 and that at best it will take you 10 years or so of actively playing to earn back the intestinal investment. Or as Daniel Parker pointed out - Rare resources in small countries that cant hope to defend it and as such are bound to get conquered as result of it.

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