A Call for Truth and Unity, Brenflakes for SA

Day 761, 20:01 Published in Australia Australia by Brenflakes

Senate Election time is rolling around again.

This month has been a tumultuous one thats for damn sure, and things are probably going to get tougher before they get better.

Im going to be bluntly honest, I had considered not running again this month.

I had considered leaving the country.

I had also considered not writing this article, because its just going to give people an opportunity to verbally bash me over my actions in the last week or so. More than likley they will, but my resolve will not be broken by people who act like 2 year olds, and cant have a decent debate or discussion without turning it into petty personal attacks against someone they dont even know. I encourage people to disagree with me, i like the debate. But only when its objective and fair. When people start ganging up on others, it loses its fun very rapidly. I ask that any comments to this article be objective and decent. Please dont turn this into another public demonstration of dis-unity, as i will not participate in it.

That said, I make no apologies for the decisions that i have made this month. I stood up and said what i thought, and fought for what i believe in. It's been difficult to remain objective in such trying times, and yes i've probably said some things i shouldnt have, as we all do from time to time.

I was dismayed by the lack of action, transparency, and honesty by the government during recent times, and i stood up and asked questions about what was going on. These questions still to this day remain unanswered. The actual reason why the government is so afraid to answer these questions is anybody's guess, and im not going to speculate on what they are. But we as a nation deserve better.

We all deserve to be treated with the respect and honor of aussie mateship. To be involved. To work together towards a common goal that we all agree on. Most of all we need to enjoy each others company, and have fun in everything we do. I've made some great friends in this game over the last few months, some genuine, honest, caring people, and deep down i do enjoy the game, despite all the arguments and bickering.

Im not going to promise to build hospitals or defence systems. Im not going to promise to lower or raise taxes. Im not going to promise anything that i cant directly deliver to you, the voters.

What i can deliever, is an active, honest, law abiding and democratic voice for the people. I promise to continue the work i've done, through thick and thin, through adversity and triumph.

The million dollar question people keep asking me, is when will i hit the impeach button on Cozza. I've struggled with this decision greatly in the last few days, as while i dont agree with him on most issues, this country needs a strong stable leader to take us through this time of war. For this reason, and to end speculation, i will not be seeking his impeachment at this time. Im not saying i wont in the future, but right now there is not enough evidence to justify the massive upheaval this would cause to our country right now, we dont need the instabilty and weakness this would cause. Brazil is our enemy, and we should focus on this common enemy together, not divided. I will however continue to seek the truth. I will continue to question the things which i dont agree with or understand. I will continue to fight for democracy in this country, because it is the right thing to do.

I believe in this democracy that is eAustralia, a place where any citizen has the right to say what they want, and have their voice heard by everyone. I believe in keeping everyone who represents this nation accountable for their actions, regardless of which side of politics they belong to. There is no right and wrong in politics, both sides have their ideas for what is best for this country. If both sides were to treat each other with respect, and work together, imagine what we could achieve, TOGETHER.

Its when two warriors can put their differences aside, and work together towards the same goal, with purpose and drive. Its when Australia stands up and says we will not be bullied by you, we will not sit down and we will NOT BE SILENT. You made invade our land, you may trample on our rights and dreams, but you will not trample our aussie spirit. It cannot be broken.

Its with this spirit in mind, that i announce my candidacy for the senate elections in South Australia. I humbly ask you the voters, to support me on election day, and send me back to the senate for the People's Democracy Party to continue the work this country needs and deserves.

PDP Candidate for South Australia
One voice for Democratic Freedom