Bisa97 for Senate, Western Australia Dec 09!

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Fellow eAustralians,

The time is nearing for the upcoming Senate Elections and I want start campaigning for my second term as an elected official of this great country. Prior to the superb defeat of Brazil in WA I am no able to run for my second term in the same region that I was initially elected in. Sorry to those of you in Tasmania that saw me leave so quickly.

With all the members of eAustralia that will be running why should you spend your one vote on Bisa97 you may ask. Well, let me list a few of the things I have done and my stance on some of the current issues facing our nation.

Activity & Experience:
-- I am a current member of the Senate voted in through WA. I did not just run and get elected to collect my 5 gold and then vanish into the recesses of the Senate like some I have seen. I have taken the time to Introduce 4 proposals within the Senate as a First Term member. I am active on the forums & IRC on a daily basis and have voted on every proposal that has come up during my term in office.

-- I am an active member of Australian Army Reserves (AAR) as a member of 1 Platoon Bravo Squad. While not able to throw up the massive #s of a Field Marshal I have dedicated my gold and time to the war effort against Brazil. Moving when appropriate to the front lines as well as berserker fighting to institute maximum damage to the enemy.

-- I am a company owner and know the struggles of those during the current crisis. Trying to sustain a company in WA/NT during the ongoing war is next to impossible & look forward to discussing ways to ease the strain on the company owners.

My Views on Current Issues:

-- The war with Brazil. While it has been quite the adjustment since this is my first war and we have suffered losses of two of our states, I feel that the war with Brazil was a much needed wake-up call to some of us and an opportunity for the newer players in our midst to experience the flow of a war within our borders. Ultimately I see it as a strengthening process & feel we will be able to return the lost regions in the near future.

-- I am in favor of becoming a member of EDEN. They are great allies and we currently have MPPs with numerous nations in EDEN. Thanks to the tanks from various countries in EDEN we were able to build up the wall in SA and hold off the Brazilian attack. While some are concerned this would make us a pawn for said alliance, I feel it will help eAustralia remain a player in the New World and not become an isolated location where we are always on the defensive. Here is a list of EDEN countries for those of you that aren't sure who is currently a member.
* Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Canada
* Croatia
* Finland
* Greece
* Norway
* Poland
* Romania
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland

-- Current infighting within our government. While there will always be infighting and egos involved I propose that people try to check all of that at the door and do what's best for eAustralia. While I understand we may have different views on what is best at least have constructive conversations w/ out trying to involve slandering others, etc & come to some sort of common ground.

-- NAP with eIndo. From the reading I have done I feel that eIndo has not lived up to their terms of the NAP and therefore should owe eAustralia the 2000g stated in said NAP. The amt of damage their tanks were able to drop on us in WA and NT were the main reasons we were unable to hold those particular regions and thus I feel they are trying to circumvent the NAP unjustly. Hopefully this is presented to the admins in a timely manner and the issue can be resolved appropriately.

I look forward to my 2nd term in office and look forward to your support on Election Day!!

Just Bring It!!!