A New World War has just begun...

Day 759, 10:55 Published in by Plato

It seems that the era of peace is over. A new mega alliance appeared, risen from PEACE's ashes and burning bright as the mythical Phoenix. This wind of change has brought the world to war, continent versus continent, country versus country, neighbor versus neighbor; invigorating the global economy. Ironically, the era of peace brought economical crises, while death and destruction have brought short term prosperity in certain countries. Will inflation and poverty replace this blood lust prosperity?

After this month's presidential elections, the new national goals set countries and armies on the path of war. Presidents and army commanders array their forces and unleash them against their prey; some countries will rise and others might disappear from the map. The bold goals some countries have set (Romania to conquer Heilongjiang, Hungary to conquer half of Romania, USA to conquer London, etc.) have fueled the global war machine.

Brazil and the USA are racing to grab as much land as they can on the opposite shores of the Pacific Ocean. There is turmoil in South America and there is also chaos in Asia.

After being crushed under the French yoke, the Spanish have risen. The Spanish army is marching through France and nobody knows when or if it will stop. Germany is under constant attacks from their Polish neighbors, holding on with the help of their Phoenix brethren.

In this chaos, many eyes are on Hungary. Will they invade Transylvania in order to achieve their national goals? But the large system of alliances that Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Croatia have built in this part of the world will make any invasion attempt a risky business. Of course, history is made by those who had the courage to pull the trigger!

Citizens now have the opportunity to improve their fighting skills from the Masters of Warfare Alexander the Great and Julius Cesar in the Training grounds. How this will be changed by the new types of economies and wars that we are working on not even the Gods know.

Meanwhile you have the power to change the future and your suggestions on potential improvements to existing and new modules are very helpful as always.

There is no certainty in this New World and power is for everybody to take. Fight for your right and take hold of this power!

A New World War has just begun...