CRISIS (Official Government Response from the acting President)

Day 756, 01:38 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

I ask all eSouth Africans not to visit the national forums as they are effectively closed until further notice.

As of a couple of hours ago Ines had her IP address hacked and has been temp banned by admin pending investigation. A Declaration of War has been proposed against Australia and we have proposed to stop trade with Indonesia. Congress will obviously vote these down not allowing them to pass.

Until this has been resolved I will be taking control. So, we have a new government. Even if not supported by game mechanics, we will be working behind the scenes trying to fix this mess.
Ines will be working closely with me during this time. She in essence is still the president and she is still my boss. We will work hard to make sure that eSA survives.
I ask our allies to see the seriousness of the threats that this country faces.

As of now the new government structure will is as follows:
Mark Morcom (Acting President)
Enoch Root (Vice President)

I’m abolishing the following ministries pending the resolution of the current crises:

The ministers of the above ministries are to send me a PM indicating which ministry they would like to get involved in. I am taking these measures to shed some dead wood. When times are good these ministries serve an integral part of the countries function but now they become redundant.

I will be establishing a temporary forum for congress. This address will not be made public and congressman should be receiving the link via PM throughout the course of today.
I advise everyone that ever posted anything on the Country Forum to change their passwords immediately.

On a closing note: Exilious has no say in this government. His claim to now be in charge is nothing more than him playing his foolish game.

Be strong eSouth Africa. We will not be held hostage by a bunch of cowards that can do nothing more that lie and cheat. eSouth Africa will prevail through this.


Mark Morcom (Acting CP)